Governor Otti: “Making Impacts that cannot be erased”


Something memorable happened in Abia State on May 29, 2023. It was the day His Excellency Dr. Alex Chioma Otti (OFR) was sworn in as the 5th democratically elected Governor of Abia State. Almighty God crowned the swearing-in- ceremony with showers of light rain. Ndi-Abia, servants of God, people of goodwill from all walks of life, including notable opposition parties defied the light rain to witness the historic event in Umuahia.

As expected, Governor Alex Otti used the occasion of his maiden speech to announce what his Administration has in stock for Ndi Abia and people living in God’s Own State. Among other things, our dear Governor promised a complete departure from the old order, stressing that his government is on course to do things differently. He lost no time to announce that he is in politics to birth a new Abia, where provision of adequate security and social welfare of Ndi Abia is the mainstay of his administration.

Right there at the swearing in ceremony, Governor Otti declared a state of emergency on waste management in the State. Thereafter, an environmental taskforce were set up to get the job done. It could be recalled that the Urban centres of the State were under threat of being swallowed by piles and mountains of refuse, rubbish and debris. Everywhere you go in Umuahia, the State Capital and Aba, the commercial nerve centre of the State, were littered with decaying heaps of refuse and other forms of solid waste.

The marching order issued by His Excellency swiftly turned the tide of environmental cleanliness in the state around. The fact check remains that Abia State under the leadership of Governor Alex Otti is emerging as one of the cleanest States in Nigeria.

Our land of birth, Nigeria, is encumbered with series of security threats, for many years now. Openly, non-state actors are bearing arms against their father land. Abia as an integral part of the nation is not exempted from this ugly development. As a matter of fact, incidents of armed robbery attacks, kidnapping for ransom, people disappearing without trace, car snatching, armed herdsmen destroying people’s farmland with their flock, cyber crimes and other criminalities were reported in both conventional and new media in the State.

The security conscious Governor of Abia State quickly soared to action by rolling out measures to address the security threats frontally. One of such measures was the launching of “Operation Crush ” in the State, a few weeks ago. Many brand new security vehicles were donated to the security experts to address the security challenge frontally. On a joyful note, security agents have arrested some unscrupulous hoodlums around several flash-points in the State.

Lest I forget, our State hosted the 82 Joint Consultative Committee on Education, in Umuahia, a while ago. The event attracted major policy makers in the field of Education and their parastatals. This is the first time, our State hosted such an August assembly, since it’s creation.

State Director of Information,
Comrade John Emejor

Another project that needs to be mentioned and celebrated is the Information dissemination and public engagement in the state. Under this administration, the public space is filled with honest information on what government has done, is doing and intends to do to reset a new Abia. In another words, this administration would not welcome any form of propaganda, false or fake stories. Neither will she accept to demarket anybody nor heat up the polity, no matter the level of provocation.

Again, this administration is on course to institutionalise journalism convergence in the state, with a view to reducing cost of production of media services in the state.

The importance of good road network in the socio-economic development of any society cannot be over- emphasized. Without good roads people will find it extremely difficult to access or enjoy pleasurable ride to their business centres, markets, offices, schools, farmland, workshops or get to their desired destinations. Governor Otti understands the plight of what Abians were passing through all these years and wasted no time to embark on aggressive development and rehabilitation of “long abandoned roads within Aba metropolis and it’s environs”. It would be safe to declare that Dr. Alex has started road revolution within his 100 days in office, following the commissioning of Obehie Road many others are ready for inauguration. In the same time, robust scooping of blocked drainages and construction of new ones are common sight in urban centres to mitigate flooding menace in the State.

Again, various failed portions of major roads in Umuahia are being fixed by Governor Alex Otti led administration. A passing visit to Isi- gate – Old Umuahia -Ubakala road would show in clear terms the degree of what this administration has done in the area of good road infrastructure in the State.

From all indications, things are getting better in the State and to achieve a state of desirable end cannot be done by one man alone. So, Ndi-Abia and other people of goodwill must rally round the administration of Governor Alex Otti in his desire to imprint indelible impacts in the State that cannot be erased.

Comrade John Emejor
State Director of Information,