Abdullahi: Validating Traditional Medicine Will Create Added Benefits

Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi
Minister of State for Science Technology and Innovation, Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi has said that demystifying and scientifically validating traditional medicine will create an opportunity for our people (Nigerians) to have more informed choices.
Barrister Abdullahi said this at the Nigeria- Chinese Traditional Medicine Seminar and Lecture on Thursday in Abuja.
Abdullahi said about 70- 80% of people in the rural areas depend on the traditional medicine for their treatment and management of ailments such as malaria, diabetes etc.

The Minister who recalled Mr. Presidents goal on eradicating poverty said that there is need for adequate education, information and sensitisation of the youths on the knowledge of the herbal medicine,which he added  has been estimated to generate income of about 50 billion dollars by year 2030.

The minister further stressed the importance of the youths in the improvement of the country’s economy if effectively sensitized on the knowledge of herbal medicine from natural products for the treatment of diseases.
Abdullahi in his call on the important role of the youths, said that through FMSTI Agencies, the youths who have innovative ideas and interest in herbal medicine will be given full support. He  added that the Ministry has been partnering with  institutions and some traditional medicine practitioners across the country to facilitate scientific evaluation, clinical trial registration of herbal recipes found to be therapeutic for the management of diseases.

The minister also added that the Ministry established the Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency ( NNMDA) to collate, document, research and promote indigenous medicine with a view in harnessing the vast bio- resources and biodiversity of the country improving and standardizing the practice and products of Traditional Medicine (TM) practice.

Earlier, the Ambassador of China to Nigeria HE Mr. Cui Jianchun in his address said that both Nigeria and China have already built a solid foundation in herbal products research and application as both countries have  vast and fertile land suitable climate for planting herbs.
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