Human Resource Management

Director: Mrs. Nkechi Nwokocha

The Department of Human Resources is made up of two (2) Divisions:
1. Appointment, Promotion and Discipline (APD)
2. Training and Staff Welfare (TSW)

The Department is headed by a Director while the two Divisions are headed by Deputy Directors.

The Branches on the other hand are headed by Assistant Directors.
1. Appointment Promotion and Discipline: Comprises of two (2) branches:
(i) Appointment, Promotion and Discipline
2.Training and Staff Welfare
Comprises of two (2) branches:
(i) Training.
(ii) Staff Welfare.

Appointment, Promotion and Discipline: This Division of the Administration Department is charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. Documentation of newly recruited officers by the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC)
  2. Documentation of newly deployed officers to the Ministry
  3. Issuance of posting instructions as approved by the Permanent Secretary
  4. Preparation of staff nominal roll
  5. Raising of variation advice for yearly salary increase, promotion, advancement, upgrading of officers
  6. Up-grading of records of staff in the Ministry
  7. Conducting promotion exercise
  8. Defense of Manpower budget for creation of vacancy positions
  9. Handling of cases of discipline in the Ministry
  10. Handling of the reinstatement of the disengaged officers
  11. Handling of Commissionaires
  12. Salary variation of staff.

Training and Staff Welfare: This Division is charged with the following functions:

  1. Handling the National Health Insurance Scheme and processing of medical expenses of staff
  2. Processing of pension and gratuities of retired officers
  3. Preparation of death benefit of officers
  4. Organising sporting activities of the Ministry
  5. Preparation of Annual Training Proposal of staff
  6. Defense of training proposal with office of the Head Of Civil Service of the Federation
  7. Claims of allowances of staff
  8. Management of First Aid Box
  9. Handling of office accommodation.
  10. Issuance of staff Identity  (I.D.)Cards.
  11. Handling matters related to cleaning of the offices and environment