Information Technology

Director: Mrs. Comfort Ajiboye

The Information Technology Department is one of the Departments of the Ministry. The Department has two divisions. Hardware/Network Management and Web Content Development Division.

•    Development and maintenance of all IT facilities along frameworks that reflect current best practices in the ICT age.
•    Development and management of the Ministry’s Official website and ensuring that information contained is well presented, up-to-date and meets the demand from government, the Ministry; general public and the international community. This also serves as a feedback mechanism between the Ministry and its online community.
•    Development and management of the National web portal designed as a brand to put Nigeria on the public domain.
•    Deployment and management of a web base Electronic Workflow and Document Tracking Solutions designed to aid file tracking movement in the Ministry.
•    Provision of all necessary elements of work for the successful implementation of all IT projects.
•    Training (formally and on the job) of staff in various functions to apply IT tools for effective service delivery and IT capacity building for various categories of staff including Information Officers, Admin, Secretaries, Web Management Team, Accounts staff and others.
•    Support for all software in use within the Ministry, including helping users to understand and resolve errors.
•    Providing technical support on the use of Customized web based applications e.g. Accounting Solution, IPPIS Platform on the Network.
•    Effective management and optimization of the Local Area Network with about 400 Internet nodes and Wireless Access points for resource sharing and Internet access.
•    Providing support services to end users, so that faults, inquiries and requests for IT developments are managed swiftly and accurately.
•    Management of an e-Learning Center on the 4th Floor of the Ministry to facilitate staff access to the Internet and use of computers for official assignments and training purposes.
•    Regular provision of specifications and guidelines for the purchase of computers systems and other accessories in the Ministry.
•    Regular monitoring of Internet access at the Ministry’s Zonal offices and FICs in the states.
•    Creation and effective utilization of a modern Data Center on the 14th Floor of Radio House.