Agriculture will enrich rural populace and stabilise structure of the Country –Ogbeh


The Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh has said that Agriculture   is the biggest and fastest way of enriching the rural populace and stabilizing the polity.
He stated this during his meeting with a delegation from the Plateau state government led by the Executive Governor, Rt Hon Bako Lalong in his office.
The Minister stated that “We have no choice than to help grow agriculture in all   states of the federation, create wealth and jobs and make people happier to bring life to the rural areas where there has been so much hardship and difficulty in accessing livelihoods”.
He explained that the introduction of cattle colonies in the country was borne out of the need to provide an enabling environment for agriculture to thrive in the country since the states own the land; adding that  to governments  ‘it is cheaper to do this for herdsmen and others who want to rear cattle than for individuals to go and invest many, because we know that many farmers have difficulties raising bank loans’.
The Minister   while throwing light on the  concept of colony  stated  “Colonies and ranches  are the same thing in many ways except that a  colony is more bigger that a ranch; a colony is  a biological expression  for any species of animals whether by nature or by human design that are found in a large  community    sharing  the  same terrain, such as bee colonies in certain areas. In Colony   20, 30 ranchers can share the same colony, a ranch is usually owned by an individual or company with few numbers of cows, in a cattle colony you could find 100, 200, 300 cows owned by different individuals”.
He added “The reason for designing colony was that we want to prepare on a large scale a place where many owners of cattle can co-exist there, they feed well because we can make their feeds from agro waste, get good water to drink as cows drink a lot of water, we can give them green fodder; we grow it on a large scale harvest and feed the cow; give them veterinary services and protect the cows against rustlers”.
The Minister commended the Plateau state government for its interests in developing agriculture and promised to extend further supports to the 16 state governments that had expressed interest in developing ranches like Kogi, Nasarawa, Osun, Kebbi, Plateau states, among others.
Ogbeh said once the colony begins, the Federal Government would embark on a large scale artificial insemination to improve the breed of cattle so that the yield of milk can increase, he observed that while a cow in Nigeria delivers about   a litre of milk per day, in East Africa, a cow gives 15 litres of milk and in Europe they do averagely 50 litres of milk per day, ssaying that Nigeria is still  a long way from  achieving the target which other countries have achieved.
He sought for supports from states in area of extension officers who will be recruited within the locality so that they can be in contact with rural farmers, they will be taught on what to do as well as train the farmers on planting operations   which will go side by side with the programme on cattle colonies.
Chief Ogbeh said the whole aim of the policy   is to end herdsmen – farmers’ conflict, saying the idea is neither a hostile nor wicked plan by the ministry to seize anybody’s land. He then   called on all Nigerians   to embrace Agriculture as a business.
The Minister also   announced that the Federal Government would soon hold a stakeholders’ forum with the herdsmen and other stakeholders on the implementation of the new policy and express his willingness to visit some of the Agricultural sites in Plateau state.
Earlier in his address, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, Rt Hon Bako Lalong said he was in the Ministry to identify with the agricultural revolution of the Federal Government in area of livestock production as well as seek for more assistance for his State.
The Governor said Plateau State was one of the states that keyed into the ranch policy when it was introduced by the Federal Government and expressed the readiness of the state to also embrace the cattle colony policy that is being introduced by the Federal Government.  “If you need to live in peace you need to find ways of sustaining peace. This policy has a lot of interest for us”, he stated.
He expressed appreciation to the Minister for the supports the state enjoyed so far from the Ministry and promised that Plateau state will continue to partner with the Federal Government in its agricultural policies to provide gainful employment for its teeming populations.

Oluwakemi  Ogunmakinwa  Mrs.
For: Director Information