Aisha Buhari to Artistes – Mobilize Nigerians Towards Unity, Peace


ABUJA – (Wife of the President’s Office Report) – The Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari has called on Artistes to use their talent and popularity to mobilize Nigerians towards unity, peace, tolerance, and productivity. She also urged them to speak against vices that destroy societies like drug abuse, human trafficking and child abuse.
Aisha Buhari made the call during the launch of “Sakamakon Chanji”, a song in support of President Muhammadu Buhari by Northern Nigeria Music Artistes on lately at the Banquet Hall of the State House, Abuja. She expressed belief that the song is a true compliment to this administration as it highlights various visionary projects being undertaken by this administration and the impact that the projects are making. She noted said that it is important for citizens to know what their elected government is doing to improve on their lives.

The President’s Wife also used the event to honour many of the artistes for using their various talents and contributions to propagate the success of the government.

“We are celebrating artistes because they have celebrated our President at various points in his political career. To a large extent, they represent the resilient Nigerian masses who have protected the President and his votes until he achieved success,” she stated.

She praised artistes for using their creativity to inform, educate and entertain the populace and mobilize them towards good behavior, towards best practices and towards good choices.

“I can safely say that you all have done the needful and therefore you are partly to take credit for the improved governance that Nigeria is enjoying today,” she affirmed, noting that it is important to recognize, celebrate and honour the artistes because their contributions to the success of this government cannot be quantified.

In the highlight of the occasion, there was the performance of the launched song produced by over 30 artistes and the song produced by Ahmed Abdul Amart. Many other artistes sang songs on the success story of the Buhari administration. The event was honoured with a brief appearance by President Muhammadu Buhari.