Base Seal Int. Inc partners FERMA; to establish Production Plant in Nigeria

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The Chief Executive Officer of Base Seal International Inc., Mr. Danny Bowel, (5th from L), flanked to his left by MD/CEO FERMA, Engr. Nuruddeen A. Rafindadi, OFR, FNSE, and other Management staff in a group photograph during the visit by Base Seal to the Agency.

The Chief Executive Officer of Base Seal International Inc. Huston Texas USA, Mr. Danny Bowel, and the Chief Executive Officer of Stabilization Engineering Ltd. who represents Base Seal Int. in Africa, Mr. Ike Onyiuke, were at the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency on Thursday 26th January, 2023, on a courtesy visit to appreciate the Agency for partnering with Base Seal Int. Mr. Bowers said he was pleased with the Agency for the trust it repose on Base Seal which has precipitated the Agency use of the Base Seal (BS-100) Chemical for road maintenance projects in Nigeria.

He said, “Base Seal has observed the successful adaptation of BS-100 chemical as an alternative to Stone Base for projects executed by FERMA, we are encouraged and pleased to partner with the Agency, Base Seal will be supplied to Nigeria at an affordable and economical cost and will also foster the establishment of Base Seal production in Nigeria”. This he said, will serve other Africa Countries.

Speaking further, Mr. Bowers stated that Base Seal was introduced in Nigeria in 2001 and it is known for its long lasting capability when used for road construction which made the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency one of the leading users of Base Seal in Africa.

Earlier, a documentary of the progress report on the usage of Base Seal (BS-100) in soil stabilization during road rehabilitation and construction was viewed by all those that were present. According to Engr. Atiku Abubakar, Base Seal (BS-100) liquid chemical is developed to penetrate and create a hard resilient pavement layers and cementing loose materials on the road. He said the documentary was presented to attest to the benefits of the use of Base Seal in the construction of standard   roads in Nigeria and why the Agency has continued in the use of BS-100.  FERMA have applied Base Seal on road constructions in States like Katsina, Sokoto, Ekiti, Edo, Niger, Borno, and indeed, these roads have stood the test of time compared to other roads where Base Seal is not applied.

The MD/CEO of FERMA, Engr. Nuruddeen A. Rafindadi, FNSE, OFR., in his comments said, he was happy to receive Mr. Danny Bowers and Mr. Ike Onyiuke to Nigeria and particularly to FERMA. He said, partnering with Base Seal Inc. has been of great advantage to fulfilling the Agency’s mandate of maintaining roads and ensuring that Nigeria roads are in good condition at all times. According to him, the use of Base Seal has replaced the tedious use of stone base and lateral, thereby reducing the cost of transporting lateral or stone base to construction site and so the Agency is pleased to continue in this partnership in every possible way.

Engr. Rafindadi added that FERMA is not the major stakeholder in road constructions in Nigeria and so will not be determinant of the establishment of Base Seal production plant in the country, but as a significant player in the road sector, the Agency have pioneered the use of BS-100 in Africa and is committed to using the product. He said, the longevity of the roads constructed with Base Seal will speak for itself and seeing the result, major stakeholders and other stakeholders in the road industry would demand for Base Seal and this will foster the establishment of Base Seal production plant in Nigeria. He however, promised a continuous partnership which will convince other partners in the road sector on the use of Base Seal.

Maryam M. Sanusi (Mrs.), fnipr
Director (Information)