Communications and Digital Economy Ministry to partner Japan on Technology


The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami) represented by Mr. Bitrus Bako Nabasu,mni Permanent Secretary, on Thursday 25th August, 2021 received in audience the Ambassador-designate of Japan, His Execellency, Mr. Sadanabu Kusaote Umer and his entourage in his office in Abuja on a courtesy call. The Permanent Secretary said it was a pleasure to have the Ambassador to interact with the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy at a time like this when the Ministry is working assiduously towards digitizing the Country’s economy. He noted that the economy of Japan is being driven by modern technology and that it will be of immense benefit for Nigeria to collaborate with the Government of Japan to develop her digital economy sector which will in turn increase her Gross Domestic Product (GDP). He said that the Digital Economy added to the Communications Ministry is to enable it digitize the economy thereby enhance economic growth, create employment especially for its teaming youths and bring about better life for the people generally. He reiterated that to partner with Japanese Companies on Technology Development particularly in the area of Digitalization of Nigeria Economy is a very welcome development.

According to Mr. Nabasu, Nigeria is a mono economy of which its main source of revenue is oil and that the price of crude oil is no longer attractive in the global market, therefore Nigeria can no longer depend on oil alone to advance as a nation. He stated that the time has come to “think out of the box” by diversifying our economy in the area of digitalization of the Nation’s Economy.

He said the Ministry is looking forward to a stronger partnership with the Japan technology companies for employment generation for its people who are unemployed, especially its youths. He noted that the Hon. Minister, Dr. Isa Ali (Pantami) is very passionate about the digitalization of the Nigerian Economy and has been working assiduously to actualize that.

Speaking earlier, the Ambassador-designate said that the purpose of Japan’s cooperation with Nigeria are numerous; first; for the realization of a digital Society in the country; introducing digital technology for more effective and efficient development cooperation in various areas; through infrastructure development for building a digital society; supporting spontaneous development through the spread of digitalization; and developing a secure, free and open cyber environment to ensure Nigeria’s ownership of data. He added that other areas of cooperation include existing projects and future plans.

P.O. Abiamuwe-Mowete
DD/Head (Information, Press/PR)
30TH August, 2021