Dangiwa Emerges Chair, Caucus of African Housing Ministers

Honorable Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arc. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa

The Honorable Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arc. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa, has been unanimously elected as the Inaugural Chairperson of the Financial Caucus of African Ministers of Housing and Urban Development.

This decision was made by shareholders of Shelter Afrique Development Bank (ShafDB) at the institution’s 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Symposium which held in Kigali, Rwanda, from June 11-13, 2024.

The Caucus of African Ministers of Housing and Urban Development, an initiative of Arc. Dangiwa during his tenure as the 42nd Chair of the Bank’s AGM Bureau, was officially approved by ShafDB shareholders and launched on Thursday June 13, the closing day of the Bank’s 43rd AGM. It is designed to provide a platform for the ministers to collaborate, share knowledge, and develop policies and financing strategies to enhance their efforts in delivering sustainable and affordable housing solutions in their respective countries. Its aim is to create synergy by leveraging the collective strength of member countries, drawing on their unique experiences and resources to address Africa’s common housing challenges.

Specifically, the Caucus will facilitate dialogue and information sharing by promoting best practices in housing policy, regulation, and implementation. It will help identify common challenges and opportunities in the housing sector to develop effective strategies for collective action and explore ways to mobilize resources and expertise from international partners, private sector stakeholders, and development organizations to support housing initiatives.

Additionally, the Caucus will serve as a continental advocacy platform to prioritize the housing sector among national governments and bilateral and multilateral institutions.

In response to his election, Hon. Dangiwa stated that the establishment of the Financial Caucus of African Ministers of Housing and Urban Development presents a unique opportunity to galvanize collective action and accelerate progress towards inclusive and sustainable housing development in Africa.

“I am excited that the shareholders not only considered and approved the establishment of the Caucus, which I proposed, but also went on to appoint me to lead it as the inaugural Chair. I pledge to give it my best. By fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and mobilizing resources, we can transform our continent’s housing landscape and significantly improve the quality of life for millions of our citizens. It is important for us to recognize that as Africans, we are one. We have a common continent; we have a common destiny, and our progress or backwardness reflects on us all. We must therefore be deliberate in supporting ourselves to make unified progress across all sectors. As far as housing and urban development is concerned, it is up to us and Ministers of Housing and Urban Development ensure that we move forward together,” he said.

As Chairperson, Arc. Dangiwa will lead and coordinate the activities of the Caucus.

“In anticipate significant outcomes from the Caucus. This includes enhanced collaboration and knowledge exchange leading to innovative housing policies and strategies, increased investments in affordable housing projects supported by international donors and private sector partnerships, and improved access to decent and affordable housing for low-income populations contributing to poverty reduction and social inclusion. I also believe that it will lead to the strengthening of institutional capacities and regulatory frameworks to address housing challenges sustainably, and a heightened awareness and advocacy for housing issues, positioning them as priorities on regional and international development agendas.”

Shelter Afrique Development Bank (ShafDB) is a pan-African housing finance institution with shareholders from 44 African governments, the African Development Bank (AfDB), and the African Re-Insurance Corporation (Africa-Re).

Mark Chieshe
SA Media & Strategy to Hon. Minister