International Tourism, Promotions & Co-operations

Director: Mrs. Dorothy Duruaku

The International Tourism Promotion and Cooperation Department is made up of two Divisions:
a) International Tourism Promotion
b) International Tourism Cooperation.

Departmental Mandate:

i. Ensure tourism contributes to the economic development of the nation through domestic and foreign exchange earnings;
ii. Use tourism to create employment and alleviate poverty;
iii. Make Nigeria a preferred tourism destination, by
Promoting its products and cultural heritage;
iv. Ensures effective implementation of Multilateral and Bilateral Cooperation between organizations and friendly countries.

Departmental Responsibilities are:

i. Planning and implementation of government policies in the field of tourism.
ii. Supervising Nigeria Tourism Development Cooperation (NTDC)
iii. Implementation of promotional and marketing programmes of the Tourism Development Master Plan.
iv. Relating with World Tourism Organisation of which Nigeria is a member.
v. Dealing with the Africa Travel Organisations
vi. Attendance of statutory Meetings, workshops, conferences, Seminars and exhibitions e.g. FITUR (Madrid), ITB (Berlin), WTM (London).
vii. Participating at International Tourism Fairs, especially for promotional purposes
viii. Relating with ECOWAS, AU and other Regional bodies
ix. Handling of multilateral agreements with agencies like WTO, UNDP.
x. Raising awareness and understanding of the benefits of tourism through the celebration of World Tourism Day (WTD), organizing of workshops and seminars for stakeholders and practitioners.
xi. Collaboration with UNWTO and other bodies for technical assistance through the facilitation on Tourism Statistics and implementation of Tourism Master Plan.
xii. Rendering annual reports on all activities.