Digital and Successful 20th National Sports Festival Assured – Philip Shuaibu

The Permanent Secretary of FMYSD, Mr Adesola Olusade in the middle, The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shuaibu, Right and Secretary of MOC, Mrs Hauwa Kulu Akinyemi left during the 2nd Joint Technical Meeting of the 20th National Sport Festival in Benin-City, on 17th Dec, 2019 at Prestige Hall, Edo State.

Abuja (Min. of Youth and Sports Devt.) – The Deputy Governor of Edo State and Chairman Local Organising Committee, Rt. Hon. Philip Shuaibu has assured that for the first time in the history of the. NSF, all activities shall be digitalised. He confirmed this at the 2nd and final joint technical meeting in Benin-City. He also said that this games is organised to ensure the National unity, trust, peace and friendliness which is the universal aim of all sporting activities.

In the same vein, Mr. Adesola Olusade, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and also the Chairman Main Organising Committee has assured that the Ministry is well on course in doing its part towards the actualization of “Edo 2020.” The Permanent Secretary who is also the Chairman Main Organising Committee of the event gave the assurance at the 2oth National Sports Festival 2nd and final Joint Technical Meeting held in Edo State.

In his speech, Mr. Olusade also stated that, having undertaken another round of inspection of the venues and facilities earmarked for the games, the extent of work that has gone into the Sam Ogbemudia Stadium must be commended. He stressed on the need for robust interface between the MOC and the LOC as well as their relevant Sub-Committee as this would lead to timely attainment of mandate of the Games.

On her part, the Secretary, Main Organising Committee, Mrs. Hauwa -Kulu Aķinyemi, disclosed that since the last Joint Technical Meeting in Benin City, Edo State, the Committee has undertaken some activities towards the actualization of the Games of the 2oth National Sports Festival.

The activities includes; confirmation of events in each sports, Online Accreditation Training for States’ Desk Officers, Online Registration of Participants, Flag off of Movement of Touch of Unity amongst others.

She also declared that the MOC on it part is steadfast in the implementation of the remaining activities on the timeline for the festival as scheduled.

Honourable Comrade Philip Shuaibu, Deputy Governor of Edo State who represented the Executive Governor, His Excellency, Gaius Obaseki in his statement said that Edo 2020 is very special to the state. He explained that this is not the first time the state is hosting such event but Edo 2020 is unique in the sense that everything about the event is going to be digitalised.

Mr. Shuiabu further disclosed that the state in it bid to develop sports in the state has decided to build a standard stadium each in all the geopolitical zones of the State and 20 mini stadiums across the state. He said their goal is aimed at making Nigeria the biggest black nation through sports. There was also a an agreed decision to include three extra sports of golf, canoeing and rowing and traditional sports.

Justina lami Obida
For : Director (Information)