Federal Ministry of Education Takes Firm Stance Against School Bullying: Vows Swift Action

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In a resolute address, the Honourable Minister of State for Education, Hon Dr. Yusuf Tanko Sununu, reaffirmed the Federal Ministry of Education’s unwavering commitment to combating School bullying within Nigeria’s Educational Institutions.

Addressing the findings of a comprehensive report compiled by a committee led by Mr. Adegboye Adebola, Director of Federal Quality Assurance (FEQAS), Minister Sununu commended the Committee for its meticulous examination and diligent recommendations. The report shed light on various aspects surrounding incidents of bullying, emphasizing the need for immediate action to safeguard Students ‘s well-being.

Expressing concern over premeditated bullying incidents and lapses in School security measures, Minister Sununu underscored the imperative for proactive measures to prevent such occurrences. He urged Parents and Teachers to remain vigilant and actively engage in guiding and nurturing the Nation ‘s Youth both at home and in school.

The Minister emphasized that the Federal Ministry of Education stands firmly against any behaviour that undermines the sanctity of the learning environment, affirming that Schools play a pivotal role not only in academic development but also in shaping responsible Citizens.

In collaboration with all Stakeholders, including Parents, School Authorities, and Students, Minister Sununu pledged to implement robust policies aimed at fostering a safe and conducive learning environment for all. He stressed the importance of swift action and support mechanisms for Students who may be victim to bullying, ensuring that their voices are heard and their well-being prioritized.

Presenting the Committee report, Mr. Adegboye Adebola, Director of Federal Quality Assurance (FEQAS) and chair of the Committee, stated that investigation was conducted into a bullying incident depicted in the video within the Lead Way Academy School. Their terms of reference included examining the incident, prior incidents, evaluating conditions to curb bullying, determining negligence, providing emotional rehabilitation, and expanding the investigation to address Student rights. Meetings were held with various Stakeholders.

According to Adegboye, findings revealed premeditated bullying, lack of CCTV coverage, non-functional suggestion boxes, but existing support structures in the School. The Chairman presented the report to Dr. Tanko Yusuf Sununu, Minister of State for Education, with recommendations to create a safer learning environment.

Closing the address, Mrs. Didi Walson-Jack OON mni, Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education, echoed Minister Sununu’s sentiments, emphasizing the collective responsibility to uphold Student safety and quality Education standards in all Schools nationwide.

The report, encompassing thorough investigations and insightful recommendations, marks a pivotal step towards addressing the scourge of School bullying and ensuring the holistic development of Nigeria’s future leaders.

Folasade Boriowo
Director (Press & PR)
Ministry of Education