FG provides top class medical care and support for released 106 chibok girls


The Honourable Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development Senator Aisha Jummai Alhassan said that Federal Government with tremendous support from development partners along with private sector have worked in collaboration to successfully provide round the clock care and support for the released chibok girls .

Senator Aisha disclosed this at the Ministry Conference room when giving an update information on the released of 106 chibock girls with a particular focus on their health status, psychosocial well- being, education and training as well as progress on their community reintegration.

Alhassan said that since the return of the girls they have received top class medical care and corrective surgeries were carried out and a prosthetic limb has been provided for the girl who returned with one of her leg lost. Adding that four babies that returned with the girls are also doing well and are under day care supervision.

She said that the girls have been provided psycho-social support services that made them stabilized and most of their traumatic stress disorder symptoms have been overcome through rigorous and attentive time with social workers, counselor and psychologist. Adding that the girls are now looking forward to a brighter future.

Senator Jummai expressed that the need to make up for the education loss suffered on account of their prolonged isolation while in captivity have been of paramount concern to the present government. Adding that the education of 106 released girls has been enhanced through medical and tutorial sessions as well as vocational skills training to make them not only academically sound and also to enable them become independent

Adeniyi W. Lawal

Fed Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development