FG to repay Ebonyi Govt. Cost of Chuba Okadigbo’s Airport Construction

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Ebonyi State government has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration to repay the state the cost of construction of the Chuba Okadigbo international airport.

The state government through the commissioner of aviation and transport technology, Mrs Ngozi Obichukwu made this known while addressing a ministerial team of the federal government who came to evaluate the worth of the Chuba Okadigbo’s airport.

The team, who are made-up of representatives of various federal ministries; Federal ministry of Aviation, Federal ministry of Housing and Urban development, NAMA, NIMET, FAN, etc, however inspected the work done at the Chuba Okadigbo’s airport.

According to the aviation commissioner Obichukwu: “Ebonyi state government is ready to relinquish this great outfit (Airport) to the federal government.

The governor has judicously utilized the little resources we have in Ebonyi state to come up with that runway. He has tirelessly made sure that Chuba Okadigbo’s international airport is put in use.

In a swift reaction, the ministerial team leader, Mr. Sunday Ibe, representing the federal ministry of Aviation said: “Chuba Okadigbo’s airport is one of the best in the country, and what the governor Francis Nwifuru said about the cost of the airport, there is no doubt whether he has spent so much money on the airport or not.

We only came to evaluate the worth of this airport, and we have experts; Quantity surveyors, estate surveyors, Accountancy, NIMET, NAMA, FAN and so on. They know the value of whatever that has been put in place here.

And we are going to be fair and just in our evaluation, because the fact speaks for itself. The job done here is standard and of high quality. We assure the state that it’s not only what they have on the paper, but we also access what is on the ground. And every kobo spent on this airport, we will make sure that we evaluate them, so that the refund will be worth it.

Airport takeover by the federal government is in stages, FEC has approved the takeover. And so, we have FEC approval. The only thing left is for us to refund the Ebonyi state government. We don’t know the amount until we finish our evaluation. And that is the time we will know the amount involved” he stated.