How Road Infrastructure ‘ll Boost National Development – BPSR

How Road Infrastructure 'll Boost National Development - BPSR

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda embodies a comprehensive blueprint for national development, encompassing key pillars such as food security, poverty eradication, economic growth, job creation, and the rule of law.

Central to this agenda, however, is the imperative of infrastructure development, including the maintenance and improvement of our federal road network, says Mr. Dasuki Ibrahim Arabi.

Arabi, the Director General of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, BPSR, stated this at the April edition of their lunch-time reforms seminar, in Abuja, yesterday.

Themed, “Road Infrastructure: Plans and Priorities of FERMA vis-a-vis The President’s Renewed Hope Agenda for Nigeria,” the seminar’s lecture was delivered by Dr. Emeka Agbasi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, FERMA.

According to him, roads serve as the arteries through which commerce flows, connecting communities, facilitating trade, and fostering economic growth.

“In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s development, the efficient maintenance and expansion of our road network are not merely infrastructure projects; they are pathways to progress, avenues of opportunity, and conduits of change,” he said.

Arabi further observed that within the context of the Renewed Hope agenda, the role of FERMA is paramount. As the custodian of all federal road network, he said FERMA plays a critical role in ensuring the proper upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of our roads, thereby facilitating the realization of the agenda’s objectives.

He said: “As we convene here today, it is imperative that we recognize the pivotal role that infrastructure, particularly road infrastructure, plays in the socio-economic development of any nation.

“Today’s seminar provides us with a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange insights on how FERMA’s plans and priorities align with the goals of the Renewed Hope Agenda.

“We have the privilege of hearing from the Managing Director of FERMA, who will share valuable perspectives on the agency’s strategies and initiatives in this regard”.

Earlier in his lecture, Dr. Agbasi, said FERMA is determined to deliver its statutory mandate and also drive the
President’s Renewed Hope Agenda through some of its strategic programs.

He said: “Our road strategies are focused on sustained road surveillance, accelerated repairs and recovery of failed and collapsed roads, emergency interventions, and preventive road maintenance.

“To overcome the prevailing challenges, our short to medium term priorities include the strategic regeneration of FERMA to improve overall capacity and capability in road asset maintenance and management, while also improving the current level of FERMA’s operational funding.

“Also, we plan to develop collaborative relationships with international road agencies targeted at specific service delivery outcomes.

These initiatives will bring about maximizing the serviceability of a nationwide highway system that connects all major cities and regions as enshrined in the Renewed Hope Agenda of the President to Nigerians”.

Aliyu Umar, FNIPR, FIIM
Head, Strategic Communications (BPSR)