IPCR Advises Nigerian Youths Over Information on Social Media


ABUJA – (Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution Report) – Youths in the country have been advised to be conscientious about acting on information being released on various platforms of the social media.

The Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), Chidozie Acholonu, who gave the advice on behalf of the Acting Director – General of the Institute, Bakut t. Bakut (Dr) in Abuja while lecturing about 130 300-level students of the Department of International Relations of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife on excursion to the Institute observed that many of the information on the social media are malicious and could be used to jeopardize efforts towards peaceful co-existence and national unity.

He espoused on how social media users could verify information on the platforms before acting on them, adding that Boko Haram insurgency, farmers-herders clashes, ethno-religious fights among other violent conflicts plaguing the country aggravate easily due to the spread of dysfunctional information on social media. He reminded them that Nigeria remains the only country that they have and as such, everyone must as a necessity take pride in her by being patriotic, avoiding any act that would encumber peace and development.

He likewise noted that the social media platforms are vital pedestals for sensitization and mobilization which the youths could use to rally themselves for positive gains rather than being used to cause hatred, injury and promote other social vices that are inimical to growth and the advancement of the Nigerian society.

In the highlight of the occasion, copies of the Strategic Conflict Assessment (SCA) of Nigeria and other publications of the Institute were presented on behalf of the Institute by the Director of Administration, Sam Abi to the Head of the Department of International Relations of OAU, K. O. Olayode (Dr), who led the students. A souvenir was also presented to the Institute by Olayode on behalf of the excursionists.