“Let’s put party affiliations aside and build this country,” Olawande tells Akwa Ibom Youths


Honorable Minister of State for Youth Development, Mr. Ayodele Olawande has challenged youths to put political differences aside and join hands together to develop the nation.

The Minister, who gave the charge while addressing a group of youths in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state capital, said he was in the state in continuation of his engagement with young people across the country.

“I know this is a PDP state, but it is now time for governance and not politics. It is time we put aside party affiliations in order to build Nigeria.

While emphasizing his campaign on skill acquisition, he said, “Like I said yesterday during the engagement with fellow youths in Cross River State, my message here this afternoon will be the same. It’s time young people prioritize skill acquisition if we must bury the monster of unemployment bedeviling our generation.”

Olawande pointed out that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration is devoted to youth development, noting that the President has shown his commitment by giving the youths a significant space in his administration as a demonstration of his belief in the talent and capacity of an average Nigerian young person to discharge his or her responsibility effectively.

He reiterated the need for the youth to set aside party differences and focus on making sure their generation justify the perennial quest for inclusion in governance through the success of their representatives in leadership positions, and the government they serve.

Speaking further on skill acquisition, the Minister said, “The fundamental responsibility we have now is to support this government, we, the youths must be ready to benefit from various opportunities that are available to us, especially in the area of skill acquisition. We must be ready to learn as many skills as possible because it is our most valued asset towards nation-building. As I always say, everywhere I go, it is unacceptable for any Nigerian youth not to have a minimum of 2 skills.”

The Minister interacted with various youth bodies in the state, including religious groups, student associations, and artisans, among others.

Olawande, who later had a private audience with the state Governor, His Excellency Governor Umo Eno also interacted with Corps members at the Akwa-Ibom NYSC Orientation Camp.

Maryam Umar Yusuf
Head, Press and Public Relations.