Minister Parleys Presidential Technical Committee on Land Reforms

Hon Minister Housing and Urban Development, Arc Ahmed Musa Dangiwa meeting with Presidential Technical Committee on Land Reforms

…… assures Inclusion, Implementation of Relevant Recommendations in Land Reforms Strategy.

As part of efforts to streamline the land administration process in Nigeria and ensure that land is available, accessible, efficiently used, easily transferable, and convertible, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arc. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa held a meeting recently with the members of the Presidential Technical Committee on Land Reforms (PTCLR).

The PTCLR, under the chairmanship of Prof Peter Adeniyi comprises of renowned experts on land reforms, was established in 2009 by late President Yar’Adua to address land governance challenges.

The committee has produced comprehensive recommendations and blueprints aimed at transforming land administration in the country that have the potential to significantly enhance land access and drive economic growth by unlocking an estimated $300 billion in dead capital.

The minister, in expressing support for the Committee’s commendable work despite challenges, assured the committee members of the commitment of His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, to drive through the recommendations of the PTCLR.

He said that the Ministry will review and incorporate essential aspects of their work into its reform strategy for implementation.

To expedite this process, an Internal Ministerial Committee has been established to meticulously study the Committee’s submissions. A subsequent meeting with the PTCLR is scheduled within the next two weeks.

“I commend the team for the good work despite challenges and assured the committee members that His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has the political will to drive through their recommendations. As a Ministry, we will review and incorporate relevant aspects of your inputs into our land reform strategy towards implementing them for the good of the country. I have set up an Internal Ministerial Committee to study your  submissions and we will be meeting again  in the next two weeks,” he said. 

The Minister underscored the Ministry’s determination to dismantle barriers hindering the growth of the housing sector and national development, notably the ineffective land administration system in the country.

Earlier in his presentation, the chairman of the Committee, Prof. Adeniyi noted the immense progress made by the committee over the years, including the production of a Draft Land Use Act, as well as Draft Regulations to cater to all aspects of the sector. 

“The invitation hit me like a patient who receives, at the point of death, a life-saving oxygen. It is a truly “renewed hope for the realisation of the PTCLR Slogan – Reform Land, Transform Nigeria”. We have over time tried to get the attention of critical stakeholders, government and policy leaders in the past to see that these regulations get the necessary backing, but unfortunately, nothing has come out of it,” he noted. 

“So, you can imagine our excitement when we got the invitation from the Honourable Minister. We’ve not had such an opportunity before. Knowing the Minister and all that he did as Managing Director of FMBN, I know that he has great passion for this country and has the will to pursue any policy he puts his mind to. This is an opportunity for us to finally get the much-needed land reforms for the development of our country,” he said.

“The reason why our Systematic Land Titling and Administration (SLTA) framework, which has been adopted by states like Kaduna and Kano, is simply the lack of legal backing. So, you find that the system is only valid within the parameters of the state but is not binding outside of the state. With a commission, that can be resolved,” he added.

The meeting signals a step in the right direction for the Ministry, which is prioritising land reforms to streamline land administration, and make the process quicker and less costly for Nigerians. 


Salisu Haiba Badamasi 
Director Information.