Ministry of Tourism Celebrates One Year of Remarkable Achievements

Ministry of Tourism, Honourable Minister Lola Ade-John
Ministry of Tourism, Honourable Minister Lola Ade-John

Abuja, Nigeria – May 28, 2024 – The Ministry of Tourism, under the leadership of Honourable Minister Lola Ade-John, proudly announces a year marked by significant progress and notable achievements in Nigeria’s tourism sector. Despite numerous challenges, the Ministry has made substantial strides in enhancing and promoting tourism across the nation.

Under Mr. President’s Renewed Hope Agenda, Minister Ade-John has been exploring strategies to rejuvenate Nigeria’s heritage and conservation sites. The Ministry has tackled pressing issues such as environmental degradation, inadequate infrastructure, and limited tourism promotion. Efforts have been made to improve air connectivity, address regulatory challenges, and enhance security measures to create a more tourist-friendly environment.

One of the notable achievements includes organizing tours to several key historical and cultural sites, such as the Badagry Slave Route, Ikogosi Warm Springs, King Kosoko Museum, and Obudu Mountain Resort. These tours aimed to highlight Nigeria’s rich heritage and attract both domestic and international tourists.

Significant collaborations with various tourism stakeholders have been a cornerstone of the Ministry’s strategy. Engaging with the Association of Nigerian Journalists & Writers of Tourism (ANJET), Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), and the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) has strengthened community involvement and support for tourism initiatives. Moreover, initiatives like the EcoGenesis Incubator Series in Benue, Lagos, and Ekiti States have fostered local tourism, promoting sustainable and community-driven tourism projects.

The Ministry has also forged new diplomatic partnerships with countries such as Cuba, Iran, Israel, Spain, and the UAE, enhancing bilateral tourism cooperation and opening new avenues for tourism growth. Additionally, numerous cultural festivals and initiatives have received endorsements from the Ministry, including ALGOFEST, Afro Flavour, and the IPADA Carnival. These events celebrate Nigeria’s diverse culture and promote unity.

Collaborations with entities like Africa House Germany, Cavista, and Sterling Bank have been pivotal in promoting Nigerian tourism and securing investments for tourism infrastructure development. The establishment of a National Multi-disciplinary Committee on Classification and Grading of Accommodation Establishments, alongside the resuscitation of the Presidential Council on Tourism (PCT), underscores the Ministry’s commitment to developing a robust regulatory framework for the sector.

The Ministry has actively engaged with state governments, including Bauchi, Benue, Cross River, and Lagos, to develop local tourism assets and enhance regional tourism appeal. Events such as the +234 Artfair, the Oyo International Summit, and the International Hospitality Tourism & Eco Sustainability Forum have positioned Nigeria as a key player in global tourism conversations.

Promoting Nigeria’s rich biodiversity and historical sites has also been a priority. Collaborations with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and the Nigerian Hunters and Forest Security Service have led to the promotion of over 300 tourist sites, including the Yankari Game Reserve and UNESCO Heritage Sites. Festivals in various states, such as the Argungu International Fishing Festival in Kebbi and the Calabar Carnival, have highlighted the country’s vibrant cultural scene.

The Ministry remains committed to addressing the challenges in the tourism sector through continuous improvement of infrastructure, enhanced marketing efforts, and strategic partnerships. The focus will remain on sustainable tourism practices that benefit local communities and preserve Nigeria’s cultural and natural heritage.

Chindaya Ahmadu,
Director of Press, Ministry of Tourism/Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy