Perm Sec Bitrus Nabasu tasks public servants on conscientious service as African Students Body appoints him as patron and mentor.

African Students Union Parliament wants Nabasu as their patron.

Mr. Bitrus Bako Nabsau, mni, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Petroleum Resources has counseled the Management and staff of his Ministry to give conscientious public service as it is by so doing that recognition can come their way.

Mr. Nabasu gave this charge at an honour’s event where the Executives of African Students Union Parliament, a multinational body of students across higher institutions in Africa, founded 7th August, 1925, first as West African Students Union by 21 Law Students who were then schooling in the United Kingdom appointed him as their patron and mentor.

The African Students Union Parliament appointed the Permanent secretary as their Patron and Mentor to guide them as they go on to implement the programmes of the body beginning from April, 2020.  The Students’ body defined their Patron position as conferred on Nabasu as signifying the commitment of the recipient’s commitment to guide the youths on the noble path of being averse to social vices such as conflicts, kidnapping, bombings, robberies, etc.  They expressed their belief that it is because the present generation of youths lacks exemplary leaders which they found in Mr. Bitrus Bako Nabsu, mni who they see as “highly patriotic, stands on high moral ground, accountable and imbued with high sense of duty.”  The students surmised of Nabasu’s appointment:  “An army of sheep led by a lion is stronger than an army of lions led by a sheep, but with Mr. Bitrus Bak Nabasu as our patron, then we are an army of lions led by a lion.”

The appointment and bestowing of honour on Mr. Nabsu, who is not strange to such honours, was done at the Permanent Secretary’s Conference Room on the 6th Floor of NNPC Towers, Friday, 6th March, 2020.  The Directors and staff of the Ministry could not resist joining their amiable Permanent Secretary at the event. 

While accepting the honour done him and his appointment as the Mentor of the Parliamentary association, Nabasu said he tried to understand why the students’ body was able to seek him out for recognition whilst all he was doing was to do his job as ordinarily and as conscientiously as any other public servant and discovered that his conscientious approach to issues could be a contributory factor.  He reasoned that his appointment as mentor to the students cannot be less genuine because “It is other people who can judge you as a performer, not yourself.”   He therefore obliged the students and pledged his words:  “In the course of the four years, we will work with you to guide you and ensure that you make a success of your endeavour.”


Report by Olujimi Oyetomi, Head, Press Unit, Ministry of Petroleum Resources.