SERVICOM Lauds the Giant Strides of the Innovation Science and Technology Ministry


The National Coordinator /CEO SERVICOM Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has lauded the current innovative strides of the Federal Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation in line with the renewed Hope Agenda of Mr. President.

This commendation was made today when the National Coordinator paid an advocacy visit to the Honourable Minister in his Office.

In her key note address, the National Coordinator, commended the Management of Science and Technology and Innovation for enhancing and facilitating the development and deployment of Science, Technology and Innovation service delivery initiative that is citizen-centered to all Nigerians.

While on the visit the Coordinator said, that there is a need for the Science and Technology Ministry SERVICOM Unit to be well positioned, to connect the Ministry and her 17 Agencies to streamline responsibilities and manage customers’ expectations as that would ensure Customer satisfaction. Akajemeli stated that when the SERVICOM Unit of the Ministry is repositioned and the service Charter reviewed, implementation of the set standards as contained in the Charter would be rendered seamlessly and would resonate and improve the living standards of the Nigerian citizenry.

She highlighted on the benefits of a service Charter as an operational and performance enhancement tool that enshrines the trust between service-providers and service-takers in MDAs.
According to her, the Service Charter contains realistic and measurable standards of the Ministry and once published, would be circulated among staff and customers as well as Stakeholders through the various communication platforms such as flyers, Flex banners, pamphlets, publications websites and all forms of social media platforms.

The Service Charter, she said would bring result oriented data to the knowledge of the entire Management team of the Ministry, who would use such data to improve on the quality of services rendered by the Office to Nigerians across board.

She posited her commitment to train and retrain and sensitize staff on all facets of service delivery that is essential to bolster effective service provision.

This would ensure that employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, that fosters would sustained improvements in service delivery nationwide.

The SERVICOM Office she said, aims to collaborate with the Ministry to strategically realign the Agencies for service excellence. This partnership may involve activities such Stakeholders engagements in the Science Technology and Innovation sector. She further recommended that evaluations of service standards and other interactions such as monitoring and mystery shopping the Agencies operations and identifying areas of service failures would also be carried out periodically and presented to the Management of the Ministry for remedial actions to be taken subsequently.

“The SERVICOM Office, is confident that the implementation of these recommendations will place the FMSTI, and its SERVICOM Unit in an optimal position to function effectively, ensuring that all customers are served appropriately and with the highest regard, “she added.

Earlier in her welcome address the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation, Mrs. Nkoyo Esuabana Asanye, said that the innovation Science and Technology Ministry is a Hub that cuts across all facets of the lives of Nigerians and is quite apt at time we need to key into the technology and innovation best practice the world over.

She said that with Innovation, Science and Technology strides, from the Ministry, we would be able to deliver quality and excellent services Nigerians deserve and in turn move our dear nation forward.

In his response to the National Coordinator’s key note address, the Honorable Minister, Federal Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation, Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji, said “For every country to move forward, innovation Science Technology must be on the front burner.”

He informed the Coordinator that the Ministry has changed its focus from research driven processes to business venture whereby researches on the shelves are now going into the commercial market to boost home grown innovations in the country.

We are setting the pace for an innovation hub in Nigeria and partnering with world class technology experts the world over that would in turn sustain development in the innovation and technology sector.

Henrietta Okokon
Public Awareness Manager/Head Press SERVICOM Presidency