Africans Communality goes beyond Complexion

Zambia Armay Defence Academy.

Minister of Interior Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, said the factors for identification of Africans goes far beyond their complexion, stating that socio-cultural and geographical linings are so much attached to each other without noting.

The Minister who was represented by the Director Joint Services of the Ministry, Dr. Peter Egbodo, stated this while hosting Course 25/23 of Zambian Defence Service Command, on Wednesday, Abuja.

He contended that most of the crises, such as terrorism, political extremism, transnational crimes, Cybercrime, proliferation of heavy and light weapons arms, which resulted to displacement in refugee camps, adding that all these sprang up from problems associated to internal security.

He therefore advocated for Africans to evolve a distinct defence strategy, with modification to suit peculiarities of member countries in the sub region. He cited the instance of the European Union trying to come up with common economy and defence outlook for the interest of its member countries.

The Minister maintained that this challenges must be fought holistically. Relating to Nigerian’s experienced on Boko haram crisis how it started as domestic insurrection before it extended to neighboring countries surrounding Nigeria and graduated to deadly sect and established ties with Islamic state of West Africa, a global terrorist organization.

He reiterated the need for Africans to stick together in confronting its enemies both from within and outside, for economic growth and also bequests a safe and prosperous continent to children yet unborn.

Dr. Tunji-Ojo, commended the participants for the visits and he requested the defence College to avail the Ministry with a copy of the report on its findings.  Participants are drawn from three African countries, thus: Zambia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

Ibraheem Zakariyya,
Chief Information Officer.
For: DD (Press & Public Relations)