CHAN calls on Federal and State Governments to help Private Hospitals In the fight against Corona Virus : raises an alarm over high cost of facial masks and sanitizers


Abia State Chairman Christian Hospital Association of Nigeria (CHAN), Rev FR. Christian Uche Anokwuru (Ph.d) has called on the federal and state governments to carry all hospitals in the country along in their bid to collectively curb the corona virus pandemic
Father Anokwuru who is also the Administrator Madonna Hospital, Umuahia, stated this in his office in Umuahia,stressing that this was not the time to segregate against state or federal hospitals but to carry all along in provision of basic hospital needs inorder to positively win the fight against corona virus collectively .
In his words “I expect government to assist hospitals whether private, moslem or Christian hospitals by providing basic hospital needs like non contact thermometer, facial masks, sanitizers,oxcegen , ventilators and soaps as this is not the time to leave us to our faith.
He regretted that facial masks and sanitizers have gone up to over 100% in the market and if faith based and private hospitals are left to their faith at this time , it will not augur well in the fight against corona virus, ” as I speak the facial masks we buy for seven thousand naira is now twenty seven thousand naira, sanitizers have also gone up, we need help”.
Anokwuru who is also the Health Coordinator Catholic Diocese of Umuahia maintained that five centres set up for the test of corona virus and other related virus across the country of almost 200 million people was not enough, therefore called on government at all levels at this time to be proactive adding that these Centres are necessary in all states of the Federation.
The man of God called on the federal and state government to do more in sensitizing the people, he disclosed that most people living in rural areas are ignorant about the virus maintaining that many people are still ignorant of the reality of this Covid 19 virus.
“Is unbelievable that some people do not believe that corona virus is in Nigeria and is real, serious enlightenment is needed, I commend China for being proactive by containing the virus and I call on Nigeria government to intensify effort now that the spread is not much”.
He however commended the federal government for the efforts put in place like closure of schools, public gathering in churches, weddings, funerals , mosques and other public places while he called on Nigerians to strictly adhere to World Health Organization standard practice of regular washing of hands, maintaining social distancing, regular use of sanitizers and wearing facial mask.
Anokwuru advised those who have the belief that our weather is too hot and so can not contact the virus to desist from such anomaly ,reiterating that Christians who always proclaim it is not my portion to begin to adhere to rules on how to avoid the virus that is capable of wiping out the world