Federal Ministry of Tourism and National Orientation Agency Forge Strategic Partnership for National Development

Federal Ministry of Tourism and National Orientation Agency Forge Strategic Partnership for National Development

In a significant step towards enhancing Nigeria’s tourism sector, the Federal Ministry of Tourism, led by the Honourable Minister, Lola Ade-John, held an inaugural working group meeting with the National Orientation Agency (NOA). This engagement was in line with the President’s Renewed Hope Agenda, aiming to promote sustainable tourism and boost the national economy.

The Honourable Minister, Lola Ade-John initiated the meeting, highlighting the importance of collaboration in driving the tourism sector forward. She praised the NOA for their commitment to national development and emphasised the need for Nigerians to champion their own tourism narratives, thereby strengthening national pride and reducing reliance on foreign entities.

Ms. Elizabeth Pam, Special Assistant to the Honourable Minister on Community Engagements, delivered a compelling presentation on the “Doctrine According to Tourism.” This strategic initiative is designed to promote sustainable tourism practices, boost local economies, and enhance Nigeria’s cultural heritage. The Doctrine underscores the ministry’s vision and objectives, setting a clear roadmap for future endeavors.

The Honourable Minister emphasised the potential of community-based tourism to attract investors. She urged a strategic approach to packaging Nigeria’s tourism offerings to appeal to both local and international audiences. By focusing on community-based tourism, the ministry aims to empower local communities, preserve cultural heritage, and create authentic experiences that attract tourists. This initiative not only promotes local culture and heritage but also generates job opportunities and economic growth within communities, leading to sustainable development. The Honourable Minister also highlighted ongoing collaborations with the aviation and foreign affairs ministries, especially in the area of visa facilitation, to enhance tourism infrastructure and services, making it easier for tourists to visit Nigeria.

NOA commended the “Doctrine According to Tourism” as a highly intentional and impactful strategy. They proposed the inclusion of tourism ambassadors, suggesting that appointing prominent figures could elevate Nigeria’s international profile. NOA believes this initiative could significantly enhance Nigeria’s global identity and foster a deeper appreciation for local tourism opportunities.

Representatives from NOA, including Mr. David Akoji, Director of Special Duties & State Operations; Ms. Maureen, Mr Ajia Suleiman, Head of Special Projects Unit; and Mr. Akalome E., showcased their agency’s commitment to promoting government initiatives. They also shared with the Honourable Minister their recent launch of the AI, mobile application and explained in detail the benefits of these technologies, emphasising how they could enhance the collaboration between NOA and the tourism sector.

The CLHEEAN AI-powered Data Management platform can provide comprehensive information on policies, programs, and initiatives. This AI voice assistant, which supports multiple languages including Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and French, maintains and continuously updates demographic databases, enabling well-targeted and highly effective strategies and communication. The mobile app features quizzes that engage users and could be leveraged to increase awareness and participation in national tourism initiatives.

NOA representatives commended the Honourable Minister for her punctuality and humility, values they also uphold within their agency. They reiterated NOA’s dedication to publishing information across all government arms and agencies, leveraging relationships with media outlets to enhance visibility while minimising costs.

The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to advancing Nigeria’s tourism sector through innovative, collaborative efforts. Both parties expressed confidence that this partnership marks a significant step towards realizing the nation’s tourism potential and achieving the goals of the Renewed Hope Agenda.

Chindaya Ahmadu,
Director of Press, Ministry of Tourism/Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy