FMST to partner with Leadership Newspaper on STI Development

FMST to partner with Leadership Newspaper on STI Development

Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has said that strategic partnership with the Media on Science, Technology and Innovation STI development is the key to move the country from resource to knowledge based economy.

The Minister said this when the Leadership Newspaper group paid him a courtesy visit in his office, on Friday in Abuja.

Dr. Onu stated that the FMST has taken it upon itself to move the economy away from depending on commodities to a knowledge and innovation driven economy.

In his words ‘We are a very blessed Nation, rich with abundant Natural Resources, 6th largest exporter of crude oil, yet whenever there is a sharp drop in the price of commodities in the International market, it adversely affects the economy’.

He stressed that the country’s enormous natural resources, if properly harnessed, can add value to the economy and be transformed into finished products for export.

This he said will help expand the economy through our local production and wealth will not just be created for individuals, but for the country adding that, it is the surest way out of poverty.

He reiterated Mr. President’s commitment of moving 1 million Nigerians out of poverty in the next 10 years.

He further said that, Federal Government has put in place policies that will make the industrialization process irreversible, as the country has attained certain levels of industrialization.

In his words ‘FMST is saying that if we bring in STI, then the industrialization process will be irreversible, and we can add value to what we have’.

Dr. Onu further added that FMST have many revolutionary innovative policies, highlighting Executive Order no. 5 as it places STI at the centre of all economic activities.

Nigeria Professionals must be at the centre of economic activities to enable it to domesticate its technology to make money faster.

He called on Young Nigerians to look inwards, so that the image of the country can be protected, and attract foreign investment.

He commended the contribution of Leadership Newspaper for their contribution to Nation building and assured them that FMST is ready to partner with them in creativity for the development of our nation.

Earlier, the Vice Chairman of the Group, Chief Mike Okpere told the minister that the purpose of their visit is leverage on the existing partnership with the Ministry and to examine the possibility of publishing on a weekly basis, the activities of the ministry in Leadership Newspaper and to have an interview with the Honourable Minister.

Irondi Ifeoma