HMIC Speech at Daura Water Projects


This commissioning of these water projects is the second in a week by the Buhari Administration, after the one in Edo State last Thursday

The commissioning of these projects fit into our ongoing agenda to showcase the achievements of the Buhari Administration, especially in the area of Infrastructure where the Administration has spent an unprecedented 2. 7 Trillion Naira in just two years

Recall that we Kickstarted our nationwide tour of FG’s projects a few weeks ago by inspecting ongoing work on the Lagos-Ibadan Standard Guage Rail, which is the first leg of the Lagos-Kano Standard Guage Rail Projecg

We then followed up by touring the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, where work has been epileptic until this Administration came into office

Our next stop was the commissioning of an erosion and deflooding project in Osogbo, an Ecological Fund project, last week, which has given the people of the Osun State capital a new lease of life.

From there, we inspected the Oyo-Ogbomoso road, the Dualisation of which was awarded in 2010 and expected to be ready by 2013 but has been stalled due to lack of funds until this Administration assumed office

Today, we are here to commission three key water projects, details of which the Honourable Minister of Water Resources will provide shortly.

What all these show is that this Administration is delivering on its promises to ensure better life for Nigerians, irrespective of what the naysayers are saying.

I want to congratulate my brother, the Hon Minister of Water Resources, for the successful completion of the Sabke, Dutsi and Mashi water supply schemes we are commissioning today. It is important to note while these projects were not initiated by this government, it has chosen to complete, instead of abandoning them as past governments have done.

Permit me to also congratulate the people who will benefit from these projects.

The Administration believes that governance is about the well being of the people, and will continue to pursue projects that directly benefits the people