House seeks review of curriculum of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

National Assembly

The House, in plenary on Wednesday March 3, 2020 considered a motion on the need to review Curriculum of Tertiary Institutions to reflect job needs and serve as an instrument for National Development.

Hon. Kabiru Amadu, who moved the motion, noted that Nigeria’s Educational Curriculum needs innovation that will lead to relevant National Development and Sustenance as against the Curriculum being implemented by various institutions which was designed about 30yrs ago thus, making it inadequate to meet present day’s needs of Employers of Labour.

According to him, the review of the Curriculum would help Students from Secondary School level to have a better and quality Education thus making them relevant to Labour Industry and be able to compete globally.

The inadequacy of the Curriculum has led to Unemployment of Graduates and Professionals thus many Nigerians travelling abroad to acquire basic trainings.
The house therefore urged the National University Commission (NUC) to collaborate with Tertiary Institutions to plan the Curriculum in line with needs of Graduates and for National Development.

Olalere Taiwo
For: Head of press
Office of the Special Assistant on National Assembly Matters-Reps.