House seeks to address the menace of Baby Factories in Nigeria

National Assembly

The need to address the menace of baby factories in Nigeria was considered on the floor of the House during its plenary today Tuesday, march 10, 2020.

Hon. Ossy Prestige who moved the motion said in 2016, the report by United Nations states that the existence of baby factories in Nigeria has continued unabated at an alarming rate and in different parts of the country, especially in the southern parts where babies are sold as ordinary wares.

He noted that this nefarious act operates under the guise of Orphanage Homes, Prayer House, Social Welfare, Maternity Homes and Clinics thereby luring unsuspecting teenage girls to deliver their babies and continue life after as if nothing happened.

The House is worried that poverty and vulnerability of the girls and ladies makes them to see such acts as opportunity to make money, a development that is worrisome and poise great threat to national security.

The House therefore, called on National Agency for the Prohibition of trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) to work with other law enforcement Agencies in order to forestall the activities and further urged the Federal Ministry of Health to ensures that all Maternity homes are duly registered and monitored.

Olalere Taiwo
For: Head of press
Office of the special assistant to the president on national assembly matters-Reps