Housing Minister calls on Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors to uphold Ethics and Standards

L-R Minister of state,, Tijjani Abdullah Gwarzo, Minister of housing and urban development, Arc. Musa Dangiwa, President Surveyor Shonubi Michael Olayemi,

Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arc Musa Ahmed Dangiwa has called on the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) to champion ethics and excellence within the construction and building sector in Nigeria. Dangiwa made this call during a courtesy visit by the leadership of the Institute to his office in Abuja on Tuesday, 17th October, 2023.

Emphasizing the vital role that the Institute plays in maintaining and elevating industry standards within the construction and building sector in Nigeria, the Minister stressed the importance of setting and upholding high ethical and professional standards among its members, urging NIQS to take stringent disciplinary actions against those engaged in substandard practices.

According to the minister, the Institute, by doing so would protect the reputation of the profession and substantially contribute to the safety and quality of construction in Nigeria. Arc Dangiwa stated that the Institute is a critical partner in the Ministry’s efforts to develop cost-effective housing designs and promote the construction of quality and affordable housing that caters to the income profiles of 80 percent of Nigerians falling within the low- and medium-income bracket.

“One of the central pillars of my tenure as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development is the prioritization of affordable housing. It is of utmost importance that we address the housing needs of the 80 percent of Nigeria’s population who fall within the no-income, low to medium earners category. These hardworking citizens are equally deserving of living in decent, well-planned homes and neighborhoods that reflect the principles of inclusivity and fairness. Achieving this requires affordable housing design concepts based on the most efficient bills of quantities,” he stated.

He noted that in his first week in office, he has set up an Affordable Housing Design Committee to develop more efficient design options that fit the income profiles of Nigerians within the low- and medium-income bracket. “Our professionals in the ministry have done a great job and we’ll like to have your comments before we unveil them to the public. Our goal is to come up with the most efficient, workable, and sustainable affordable designs that will help us deliver on our mandate,” he added.

“Your profession plays a key role in the delivery of affordable housing. Your ability to manage costs, optimize resources, and ensure quality and compliance directly impacts the feasibility of affordable housing projects. By leveraging your expertise, we can create sustainable, well-built, and affordable housing solutions for communities, promoting social development and economic progress” the minister remarked.

Dangiwa also encouraged the NIQS to actively collaborate with the government in the ongoing review of building standards and regulations. While expressing his deep appreciation for the expertise of quantity surveyors, he acknowledged their ability to optimize resources, manage costs, and guarantee quality, all of which directly influence the feasibility of affordable housing projects.

The Minister averred that the importance of aligning industry benchmarks with global best practices has of ensuring they reflect the unique challenges and opportunities of the Nigerian construction sector. Responding to the challenges impeding proper enforcement in the building sector of the economy because it does not have sufficient provision of enforcement to make it a law, the Minister explained that the establishment of National Urban Development Commission, and National and Urban Development Law fall within the purview of the nation’s National Assembly because of the nature and structures within a commission as well as procedure in law enactment but they would be considered by the Ministry. On the Building Code, Dangiwa told them it was almost concluded, adding the Ministry was working round the clock to ensure its prompt conclusion and presentation.

Regarding the National Urban Physical Planning, he further revealed that the Urban and Regional Department of the Ministry has been directed to come up with steps to ensure physical planning is in the concurrent list of the constitution of the Federal Republic Nigeria.

Earlier in his remarks, the President of NIQS, Quantity Surveyors, Surveyor Shonubi Michael Olayemi, commended the Ministry’s proactive approach towards affordable housing and assured the Minister of the commitment and collaboration of the institute  He reiterated the Institute’s dedication to maintaining high standards within the industry and emphasized the importance of continuous professional development for quantity surveyors.

“The NIQS is deeply committed to ensuring that our members adhere to the highest ethical standards. We will collaborate with the Ministry to provide expert input during the review of building standards and regulations. Together, we can contribute significantly to the development of quality and affordable housing in Nigeria,” President Olayemi stated. Olayemi further pledged the Institute’s unalloyed support to the Minister in ensuring that he succeeds in the tasks before him.

Badamasi Salisu Haiba
Deputy Director Information