Housing Minister commends BUA Cement Plc’s decision to reduce Cement Price to N3,500


The Honorable Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Arc Ahmed Musa Dangiwa has applauded BUA Cement Plc.’s recent decision to reduce the price of cement to N3, 500 from about N5, 500.He said the proactive gesture will reduce the cost of cement, which is a major cost in housing construction, and that it supports the Renewed Hope Agenda of His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to provide affordable housing to Nigerians.

The Minister made these remarks in response to BUA Plc.’s Sunday, 1st October 2023 official announcement reducing the price of cement in Nigeria.

He underscored that the soaring cost of cement has led to a drastic increase in house prices, making them unaffordable for the average Nigerian, adding that that BUA Cement Plc.’s decision represents a substantial stride toward easing the financial burden on aspiring home owners.

Dangiwa emphasized that since assuming office, he has made promoting the delivery of affordable housing as a top priority in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr. President.

“The escalating prices of building materials, especially cement, have placed a daunting obstacle on the path to home ownership for many Nigerians. BUA Cement plc.’s decision to reduce the price of cement to N3, 500 is highly commendable. It reflects their understanding of the struggles faced by ordinary Nigerians and is a positive step towards making housing more affordable and attainable for all,” he noted.

“I commend BUA Cement Plc. for their socially responsible decision to reduce the price of cement. Accessible and affordable housing is a fundamental right, and this move by BUA Cement Plc. will undoubtedly alleviate the challenges faced by our citizens. It demonstrates a shared commitment to improving the lives of our people and furthering the goals of sustainable urban development”.

The Minister further stated that BUA Cement plc.’s initiative will not only benefit individual home owners but will also stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and lift many Nigerians out of poverty by fostering affordable housing construction and infrastructure development.

Accordingly, Dangiwa encouraged other industry players to emulate BUA Cement Plc.’s example, urging them to consider the social impact of their decisions. The minister expressed the believe that collaborative efforts between the government and private sector entities are essential in overcoming the challenges related to housing affordability and ensuring the realization of decent living conditions for every Nigerian citizen.

Salisu Haiba Badamasi
Deputy Director Information