Insecurity: Matawalle calls for Increase in Military Operations

Honourable Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Muhammed Matawalle, MON
Honourable Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Muhammed Matawalle, MON

Against the backdrop of incessant insecurity occasioned by the activities of terrorists and bandits in the North West of the country, the Honourable Minister of State for Defence, Dr.Bello Muhammed Matawalle, MON has called for Intensified Operations against Terrorists and Bandits in the region.

According to Matawalle, the activities of these bandits has increased over time especially in Kaduna, Katsina, and Zamfara states which has led to attacks on personnel and loss of lives and destruction of military hardware.

Consequently, the Minister has directed the Nigerian Military to adopt a more proactive approach in decimating the activities of bandits and in the dealing with insecurity in the above mentioned states as he emphasized the need for synergy amongst the Services to be able to wipe out insurgency and other form criminalities in the region.

He emphasized the urgency of these operations, stating, that: “The safety and well-being of our citizens remain paramount, and it is imperative that decisive action be taken to curb the menace of terrorism and banditry in our communities.”

Highlighting the significance of these operations beyond just security, Dr. Matawalle underscored their role in fostering a conducive environment for agricultural activities to strive.

He said: “Enhanced security in the region will not only safeguard the lives and properties of our people but also improve the quality of farming and irrigation. Farmers will be able to cultivate their lands without fear of attacks, thus ensuring food security and economic prosperity for the region.”

The Minister reaffirmed the commitment of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu government in tackling insecurity head-on and ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens.

He called for cooperation from all stakeholders, urging communities to support security agencies in their efforts to rid the region of criminal elements.

Henshaw Ogubike mnipr, FCAi
Director (Information and Public Relations)