Malami declares a new journey to Judicial Reforms; pledge to improve the rule of law, enforcement and compliance

HAGF, Malami Abubarka delivering speech at the reception

Malami Abubarka  avowed his commitment to improve the Rule of Law, The Honourable Attorney General of Federation and Minister of Justice, Enforcement and Compliance.

He affirmed this at the reception organised in his honour by the Ministry ashe was re-appointed Attorney General of Federation and Minister of Justice by President Mohammudu Buhari.

Malami who said he was grateful to God for using President Buhari to recognise his contributions at the Federal Ministry of Justice and consider him worthy of re-appointment “I am sincerely grateful to President Muhammudu Buhari, for finding my humble contributions at the Federal Ministry of Justice very useful such that His Excellency has considered me worthy of re-appointment”

He also appreciated the Staff of the Ministry who through their invaluable supports and cooperation he was able to achieve success. “I could not have achieved much success without your invaluable support and cooperation. In fact my re- appointment is a shared testimony “

He implored them to put their hands on deck as they journey together for another 4years of Next Level to bring glory to the Ministry.

Malami Abubakar, reiterated that, Nigeria had been infected with undesirable   crisis that is threatening to divide the country as some group are calling for Separation while others Restructuring. He attributed such calls to the long years of failure of the justice system which has created a very vulnerable political environment, such as lack of compliance with rule of law, low capacity to enforce laws, lack of patriotism, delayed justice that lead to congestion in prisons, corruption  etc.

“May I inform you that the major reason for the seeming failure of our system is the structural defects of our constitution and laws, non-adherence to laws, institutional failure of enforcement and dysfunctional of our judicial system which only judicial reforms can reverse if we must exist as a nation?”

He stressed further, “Society where laws are observed in breach than in observance, such a society will automatically degenerate to Hobbesian state of nature when life was brutish, whimsical and short “.   He prayed such would not be Nigeria’s portion.

According to him, a lot had been achieved during his first tenor,more still need to be done as he resumed for the second and final tenor in order to build on gains already made through consistent pursuit of policy thrusts of the administration.

He added that they would be able to do this by improvement in Security, fighting corruption and building economy. “Improving security, fighting corruption and building the economy, we plan to achieve this by creating a new national order founded on justice and good governance that will ultimately engender transparency in the management and allocation of our commonwealth; enhance political stability for the benefit of state actors and non-actors; promote economic prosperity for all and sundry, and entrench security of lives and properties.”

Malami said the Ministry has a critical role to play in putting the country on a path of order and justice and by achieving that, he said, he would protect the sovereign, integrity, solidarity and prosperity of the nation. He expressed his determination to use the Legal system to improve accountability in the financial sector and enforcement of the law to be open, accessible, just, equitable and efficient.

The Minister of Justice promised to be more focused on National anti-corruption strategy, public enlightenment, sanction and recovery of proceeds of corruption.

And also plans to intensify efforts in achieving harmonious working relationship amongst all Nigerian Anti-corruption (ACAs) and Law Enforcement (LEAs) while there would be quarterly meeting of heads of all Anti-corruption Law enforcement and Prosecuting Agencies in Nigeria where relevant issues bothering the nation would be discussed.

Present at the occasion are; the Attorney General of Ekiti State, Head of Ministry of Justice Parastatals Management and Staff of the Ministry who in one way and the other  in their good will message exalted  the selfless  leadership and generosity of the Attorney General of the Federation towards their welfare.

Mercy Omoyajowo
For: D (Press)