Ministry of Works New Policy on Augmentation, Price Variation, Raising of Final or Interim Certificate or Increase or Decrease on Work Scope

Gov. Umahi

—-Variation on Prices Augmentation and Payments

The following procedure shall be adopted for all Variation on Prices and augmentation already gotten or new ones to be processed. It is very important to note that all certificates issued on all on-going projects are both interim and cumulative certificates. For me to sign and own any interim or final certificate I must as the Honourable Minister and an Engineer know how we arrived at such decisions. I am not against Variation on Prices and contract augmentation but I want to be shown in calculation, sketches, site joint measurements, variation site instructions, geo-technical report and joint site evaluation report.

I have had meetings severally with Ministry of Works directors but it seems they have not understood this new policy or they are not interested. We can not stay in office and issue out payments to contractors without visiting site or having knowledge of what is happening at site. In the circumstance the following procedure must be followed.

Where Variation on Price and augmentation has taken place or is to take place, let all calculations, site joint measurement, site written instructions, geo-technical report, survey report, sketches be attached. Let us have the new unit rate for items on Variation on prices or change of scope or quantities added and new contract sum shown on aggregated rate of old rate and VOP. Let us have the new reviewed contract sum as will be recommended by you. Let us have the proposed new rate on remaining quantities to completion. On the remaining ongoing jobs directed to be continued fully on concrete or where the shoulders will be on concrete and pavement on asphalt especially in the north but for south, it is full concrete. Let us know cost of concrete amount by full or partial concrete. These two bills shall be presented to me and I will take decisions. I have not changed any sub-grade, sub-base or base course of any ongoing project, cost or design but only the pavement structure. Whether asphalt or concrete we must get from contractors performance bond from a reputable bank for at least 50% of design shelf life of the project be guaranteed to us. Contractors will be doing earthwork – base course, expose the road to traffic for 60 days before putting any pavement and after this period, shoulders could be cast using mobile mixers and good vibrators while carriage way especially on trunk “A” roads shall be on concrete paver machine.

In arriving at the site joint measurement, the contractor, Resident Engineer, the State controller,chief Engineers and where job is on final stage, the state Commissioner of works must get involved to say that the jobs quality and length were achieved (ignore Commissioner of works where he becomes unreasonable to co operation).

The joint site measurement is then used by the contractors to generate valuation certificate attaching calculation and sketches. The Resident Engineer,state controllers and regional directors/other directors shall review and who ever it is his/her job to issue interim certificate shall issue a temporary one for the approval of the Honourable Minister before interim one is issued to contractors for payment or request for augmentation Memo is issued for the Honourable Minister to approve. Let all requests for payment approval or argumentation should immediately follow this procedure so that we sign off immediately.

No project scope to any contractor should be increased or decreased in quality without passing through the same process above.

I plead with all Ministry of Works staff and contractors not to prepare any payment certificate to any contractor if the entire length of the roads of the contract is not made motorable to road users.

All project must have Resident Engineers Immediately. I must know the cost before engagement. I will not honour any paper again where there is no Resident Engineer from 1/10/23. State controllers are barred from being Resident Engineers.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works should please immediately get all directors and staff to rework pending Memos following the new policy and bring back for discussion where needed and approval.

Daily Site report must be downloaded to our Whatsapp platform from sites daily.

Sen. (Engr) Nweze David Umahi. CON, FNSE,FNATE
Honourable Minister