Nigeria’s Independence Day

Nigeria's Independence Day
Nigeria’s Independence Day

1 October 1960: On this particular day and month in 1960, the nation, acclaimed to be the ‘giant of Africa,’ got her independence from the British Colony. The British Union Jack was lowered and replaced by the nation’s Green-white-green flag, and with the independence, a new constitution, establishing a federal system with an elected prime minister and a ceremonial head of state was established. From then, Nigerians took over the reigns of leadership from foreigners.

Recognising the country’s particular multi-ethnic configuration or diversity, the British government had established for Nigeria a federal structure of government, with three regions. Each of the three regions had its own constitution and a good measure of autonomy while there was a fairly weak Federal Government at the centre. The three regions were the Eastern Region, Northern Region and Western Region.

Today, Nigeria is 58 years! Hurray!!!