NTA Poised to Promote Peace, Unity Says Nyam


MAKURDI – (FIC Makurdi Report) – The Manager of the Nigerian Television Authority in Makurdi, Nyam Pam has revealed that NTA’s stance on broadcasting is aimed solely at promoting peace and unity in the State. He made the disclosure to Heads of Federal Establishments during the All Heads of Federal Establishments (AHFE) monthly meeting which held recently at the Federal Secretariat Complex in Makurdi.

According to him, this must not be compromised for anything, just as broadcasters are not to be seen in partisan politics. He informed that while the man at the centre must be given due respect, the Governor of every State would be allowed to run the television station at his discretion. Adding, this is done to foster peaceful co-existence between the populace and the government.

Nyam Pam noted that the effect of digitalization has been responsible for the non-reception of signals in most remote areas, explaining that the national presentations from the Headquarters in Abuja reach to all areas. He urged everyone at the meeting to take advantage of the Pidgin English programmes of the station to sell their products.