PCNI committed to better health for North East


The Presidential committee on the North East Initiative in its drive at ensuring quality health services to the people of the North East visited the National Trauma Centre of the National Hospital, Abuja on the 21th November, 2017

The Vice Chair, Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative, Mr. Tijjani M. Tumsah explained the need for quality health care for the people of the region considering the prevalence of Malaria, Cholera, Diabetes and Malnutrition among the people of the region.

Mr.Tijjani M. Tumsah who witnessed the training course for Health care personnel of the National Hospital by a Medical team of the John Hopkins University expressed satisfaction at the level of technology advancement employed in the training of medical personnel through the use of Mannequins to administer treatment to various medical conditions simulated with expected responses to treatment by the mannequins.

The Medical team  of John Hopkins University, America, led by  John   B. Sampson MD, explained that the essence of using mannequins for training purposes was to reduce the risk on patients and to give doctors opportunity to teach students easily and continuously on different medical conditions. He said the simulation exercise was important for health care practitioners to be able to master and learn certain fundamentals such as Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), endotracheal intubation, establishing IV line access, administration of drugs for various medical conditions such as medical disorders, burn victims etc.

The course which is titled Fundamentals of Disaster management Course, had in attendance registered different cadres of health practitioners from African countries.

Odutayo Oluseyi