Stakeholders in the Geophysical Industry Deliberate on Way Forward

Dr. Aaron Auduson

– Move to Create a Formidable Association

Stakeholders and members of the Nigerian Geophysical Union (NGU) have held their inaugural meeting in Abuja to deliberate on way forward for the practice and development of geophysics profession in Nigeria.

Speaking at the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, Abuja, venue of the meeting, the Convener, Dr. Aaron Auduson stated that Geophysics plays a major role in harnessing of natural resources in the subsurface. According to him, “It means that from the surface of the earth, we can see what is in the subsurface of the earth and this is very key in the success of exploration.”

Dr. Auduson noted that the essence of the stakeholders meeting is to synergise and bring Science and Technology of the geophysical sciences to Nigeria and to collaborate with partners around the world, adding that the group will make effort to harness maximally the resources in the subsurface in Nigeria, foster public awareness on geophysical-related environmental issues through the creation of an association for the industry that the nation will be proud of.

He assured that Nigerians should expect that the creation of Nigerian Geophysical Union will enhance support for the geophysical community, support for geophysical research and innovation, which will ultimately lead to the discovery of more resources in Nigeria including oil and gas, water and minerals, which will help in diversifying the economy.

The Convener also said that the group intends to support scholars/students from diverse background to seek and maintain careers in the geophysical sciences, mentor students in the tertiary institutions and offer scholarships where necessary.

While briefing the Press, he added that the Association is already engaging with critical stakeholders in relevant sectors in Nigerian economy for effective collaboration towards sustainable development of the nation’s mineral wealth.

In his contribution, one of the stakeholders, Professor Kingsley Nwozor stated that experts and stakeholders in the geophysics industry are committed to the domestication of vast knowledge acquired by their members in the course of their practice in other parts of the world. “We have practiced geophysics and utilized related technology outside the country and we want to domesticate same here in Nigeria.” He added that the Association intends to meet with the National Assembly for appropriate legislation.

Geophysical tool is what the government of Nigeria needs to discover unharnessed resources especially with the dwindling and low price of petroleum products in the international market.

Communique issued at the meeting are:
i. That Geophysicists in Nigeria did willingly agree to come together as a professional body to be known as Nigerian Geophysical Union (NGU). Among the objectives of the Union are to:

ii. Unite geophysicists in Nigeria and harness their potentials in a knowledge-driven economy;

iii. Promote the knowledge and practice of geophysics, as well as champion the ethics of the profession amongst the practitioners in Nigeria;

iv. Identify talents, guide and mentor upcoming geophysicists;

v. Engage in knowledge dissemination through publications, conferences, workshops, seminars, symposium and field schools;

vi. Foster geophysical research and innovation as a critical element of wealth creation in a digital economy

vii. Recognize and reward excellence in the practice of geophysics;

viii. Foster public awareness of geophysical and environmental issues


Mr. Isa Ali