TechAdvantage Nigeria will propel the Socio-Economic Development of Nigeria- Nnaji

TechAdvantage Nigeria will propel the Socio-Economic Development of Nigeria- Nnaji

Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji, has said that TechAdvantage Nigeria will propel the socio-economic development of our nation as well as a great force for economic prosperity, social inclusion, and national pride for our future generations.

The Minister said this at the launch of TechAdvantage Nigeria today in Abuja.

According to the Minister, TechAdvantage is an ecosystem where apprentices connect with business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs learn from season experts, individuals can train and empower themselves through the academy, customers can contact and hire skilled individuals through the jobs platform, traders and startups can expand their reach through the online market place and technicians can come together share knowledge and collaborate.

Nnaji also said that the Organization will unlock boundless potential of our people towards a future, powered by technology which will cause a wind of change and transform the country into a technologically advanced nation.

He further stated that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s renewed hope agenda points a clear vision at Nigeria where innovation fuels economic growth, empowers individuals and brings about a brighter future for all.

 The Minister reiterated that Computer Village Model as a hub of ingenuity and entrepreneurship inspired the project and translates the best of this model into the spirit of collaboration, the drive to succeed and constant adaptation to technology which transits into an online ecosystem accessible to everyone in the Country.

To this end, Nnaji urged all Nigerians, particularly the young ones, youths professional and artisans to explore the TechAdvantage Nigeria online academy and equipped themselves with the skills of tomorrow and seek opportunity through the platform to build their careers in Technology sector.

Earlier, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Techdvantage Nigeria Mr. Amu Ogbeide said that TechAdvantage is an initiative that seeks to take the successes of the Computer Village Business Model and scale them across the Country.

He also, said that Computer Village serves as a major support system for innovation and technology adoption across the country and a source of livelihood for many Nigerians which are being made possible through a business model that includes technical trainings and apprenticeship, business start up support and mentorship.

Speaking, the Director- General, National Centre for Technology Management, Dr. Olushola Segun Odunsanya explained that the launch of TechAdvantage is the beginning of the transformation of Nigerian economy and the way to grow the economy of any nation is through cultural practices of that nation.

He further said that the nation has a culture of apprenticeship, where youths are sent to learn a trade and graduate to become business owners, adding that TechAdvantage is designed for the same purpose.


Atuora Obed O.
DD: (P&PR)