The Police Active Assistance Committee (PAAC) Group , South East Zone holds Summit in Abia State


The Police Active Assistance Committee (PAAC) Group , South East Zone, has called on Federal Government to always address key National issues as soon as possible before escalation and regretted the attacks on Security Agencies and Formations especially the Police.

The Group made this known shortly after their Summit which held at Patoria Hotel, Umuahia, Abia state.
The National Co ordinator, Comrade Anthony Nwabianke with various State Co ordinators, Mr Sunday Maduka, Anambra and his Otuocha and Onitsha counterparts chief John Ngwu and chief Nworah T Nworah respectively.
Also Ebonyi, Chief Amos Otuus, Imo, Eke Friday and Mrs Ozioma Kalu Enugu, and Abia, Hon Osoduagwuike C. said they came to pray for improvement in the national security situation especially the Police adding that is the reason as the main reason for convergence in Umuahia to deliberate together and see where they can render assistance.

The National Chairman restated that they are not happy at the way things are going on in Nigeria particularly the killing of Security Agencies especially the Police.

He ,however , reiterated that the reason they have converged in Umuahia is purposely to rub minds together and see where they can render assistance to the Police.

The National Coordinator, in his words said, “the prayer was led by one of us Deacon Kolawole Segun, we prayed for peace and unity of Nigeria, we pray for our Security Agencies especially the Nigeria Police, we are not happy at all at the way unknown gun men are burning and killing our Police men who toiled day and night to secure us.

“It is wrong to pay them back in this way, they have families, dreams and aspirations like everyone of us and for those unknown gun men, we are urging them to stop the killings and make their grievances known.
“We are also calling on our government at all levels to always address key national issues before they escalate, to look into agitations as soon as possible in order to avoid this blood letting as is not doing us any good”, Nwabianke noted.

The National Co ordinator reminded that most of the facilities been destroyed are built by government with little community efforts and other good spirited Individuals.

Nwabianke disclosed that the negative effects of killing of Police and burning down their stations is making Southeast porous and vulnerable thereby also weakening the morals of those who ought to protect us.
He used the occasion to commend the Inspector General of Police for the launch of Operation Restore Peace in South East.

He reiterated that one of the objectives of the Group is to render useful advice and assistance to Security Agencies especially the Police when the need arises.