The Role of Entrepreneurship in PWD’s Community


By Patience Daniel Ochigbo

Entrepreneurship is the ability and readiness to create, develop and manage a business enterprise with the aim of generating profits or creating value.

The subject of disability has risen to be a topic of importance in recent times, various agencies and world bodies have great interest in this community.

One of the subjects taken into consideration, is entrepreneurship for persons with disability (pwd) which is a pivotal means to empower Pwd’s and increase their self power and self reliance.More often than not,the employability rate of pwd is low, which gives reasons why entrepreneurship should be massively encouraged amongst persons with disabilities.

Moreso, self employment for some persons with disability is an important financial option which is appropriate, because it provides more flexibility than paid employment in terms of workload, work schedule and work location which allows better management of disability and lifestyle.

Notwithstanding,there are challenges and common problems encountered by Pwd’s in venturing into entrepreneurship which are: lack of entrepreneural education, discrimination, difficulty in raising capital, poor implementation of legislation.

However, there are potential solutions to these challenges, which includes: The enactment and enforcement of legislation favourable for Pwd’s to thrive in entrepreneurship, Good educational investment, provision of accommodating environment, adequate financing and provision of assistive technology amongst others.

Apparently,the Nigerian government under the administration of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu through the office of SSAP on disability and equal opportunities, in line with the renewed hope agenda has taken the “bull by its horn” to ensure Pwd’s under the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) are beneficiaries of empowerment programme which reflects the ethos of social inclusion and empowerment the government strives to Foster.

In conclusion, entrepreneurship for Pwd’s is a productive venture that gives ample opportunity to train and acquire skills for self development, which in turn promotes the nation’s economy.

Patience Daniel Ochigbo
Head, press and public Relations
OSSAP on disability and equal opportunities.