Youth and Sports Ministry to Launch  E-Sports and Gaming Soon

FMY&SD Minister Sunday Dare

The Ministry in its drive to elevate Sports into business through the proposed Sports Industry Policy, has  concluded plans to launch E-Sports and Gaming considering its suitability for the Post-Covid 19 era.  E- Sports and Gaming is a 138 billion dollars Business with potential benefits for our sportsmen and women, the Youth and Sports Minister, Mr Sunday Dare stated.

Speaking during a  WEBINAR on COVID-19 Era & Beyond: Impact & 1  for Youth Development, organised b yz   the Ministry; Mr Dare said ” youths form the bulk of active sportsmen and women…we are working on a plan that would produce for the first time an Industry based Sports Policy that would turn Sports into Business”. Furthermore, he also revealed in the course of his keynote address when he said  ”  we are on the verge of launching E-Gaming Sports in Nigeria.It us the most suitable for the pz. ost- COVID e1., a. Globally, it is a 138 billion Dollars business. We also plan to develop the Mambilla Plateau area to turn it to a Training ground for our long distance runners who are mostly from the North.

This is necessary and important considering that long- distance race is an individual, none contact sport that would likely resume soon as soon as the impact of the covid-19 winds down”.

It is pertinent to state that amongst the myriads of initiatives implemented by the Ministry  for the benefits of the youths according to the Minister was the innovate and  explore digital skills Programme: he said and affirmed in his keynote address during the webinar ” we have a Programme
for IBM certification called Digital Nation. So far the Ministry has trained over 8000 youths Online in digital skills and certified them through IBM. It is part of our flagship digital skills training programme called, which is an acronym for Digital Skills Nigeria. Similarly, we have held six digital skills webinar like this one, that is Virtual Lectures for Youth Online with over 3000 participating every week collectively ..”

Ramon Balogun
For: Director, Press