Youth and Sports Ministry to partner MTN Foundation on Youth Empowerment

Youth and Sports Ministry, has resolved to partner with the MTN Foundation

The Youth and Sports Ministry, has resolved to partner with the MTN Foundation, in its purposeful drive to implement its policies and programmes to engage the youths in entrepreneurial and vocational training in digital skills that would make them employable and self-reliant in the society.

MTN Foundation with its wealth of achievements in scholarship and digital-know-how, can be of great assistance in a determined posture to make the Nigerian Youths digitally and socially relevant in this global mileu of achieving sustainable development goals by 2030. To this end, the Minister identified 13 key areas in which corporate organizations could partner the Ministry to liberate Nigerian youths from joblessness and social vices.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare, dropped these hints when he received in audience, the Board members of MTN Foundation in his MKO National Stadium office. The Minister, speaking extempore, informed the visitors that the Ministry had an urgent and deliberate desire to fill and address the yawning digital skills gap of the youths, adding, it had refocused and deepened its youth programmes, in realization that investment in the youths would unleash their potentials for national growth and development.

To this end, Mr. Sunday Dare beckoned on the MTN Foundation to partner and collaborate with the Ministry on its dogged journey of transforming the youths through its National Online Youth Assembly (NOYA) programme. The Minister, while urging the visitors to key into its NOYA platform/programme, explained that it was conceptualised to serve as an aggregator website of the Ministry for creating job opportunities for the youths, based on inputs from corporate organizations partnering with the Ministry.

Furthermore, Mr. Dare highlighted other programmes of the Ministry geared towards equipping the youths with digital skills to the MTN Foundation Board members, these include: the D.E.E.L and DY.NG ( Digital Youth Nigeria), stressing, these were platforms initiated to train and impart digital skills to the youths, to achieve entrepreneurship objective.

Responding, the Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation, Mrs. Odunayo Sanya stated that the mandate of the MTN Foundation is fixated on youth empowerment in every ramification.

Ramon Balogun
Asst. Direct, Press
For: Director, Press