19th July in Nigeria’s history


2006 July 19: In Lagos, a four-story block of flats collapsed overnight.   Red Cross officials confirmed that at least twenty four (24) people were killed.  It was discovered that the accident was caused by poor construction also the building was under three years old.  The building contained thirty six (36) apartments and one hundred and eighty (180) people, and there were several businesses on the ground floor.

2011 July 19: Former British Prime Minister, David Cameron,  from 2010 to July 13, 2016, who was succeeded by Theresa Mary May, visited Nigeria, as part of his working visit to Africa.  He was earlier in South Africa where he held talks with President Jacob Zuma.  He was in Nigeria to push a message of trade and democracy before making an early return home to deal with the spiraling phone hacking crisis.
David Cameron took part in a press conference with former President, Goodluck Jonathan at the State House in Lagos.


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