“Building Bridges: UNESCO and Nigerian Government Partner for Education Reform in Abuja”

Hon. Minister Prof Tahir Mamman OON SAN giving a speech at the Lunching of the third phase of the Better Education for Africa's Rise ( BEAR III) at the UN House Abuja.
Hon. Minister Prof Tahir Mamman OON SAN giving a speech at the Lunching of the third phase of the Better Education for Africa's Rise ( BEAR III) at the UN House Abuja.

The Honorable Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman OON SAN, officially launched the third phase of the Better Education for Africa’s Rise (BEAR III) Project, in Partnership with the Republic of Korea. This significant milestone marks the commencement of the Project’s implementation, signalling a concerted effort towards advancing Education across Africa.

In his address, Mamman expressed gratitude to the organizers for their efforts in bringing together this crucial initiative. Reflecting on the journey thus far, he highlighted the achievements of the previous phases and underscored the importance of continued support from all Stakeholders. Emphasizing the Project’s potential, he affirmed his belief in its ability to surpass previous achievements and address critical challenges facing Education in Africa.

Prof. emphasized the urgent need to prioritize Education, particularly in light of the continent’s youthful population and its potential untapped energy. He emphasized the role of Education in driving Economic growth, fostering inclusivity, and empowering future generations. Recognizing the Partnership with UNESCO and other Stakeholders, he expressed confidence in the project’s alignment with the Education 2030 framework and its contribution to Africa’s development agenda.

Furthermore, Mamman outlined the government’s commitment to addressing the skills gap through strategic policies and collaborations with both the public and private sectors. He highlighted the importance of vocational training and emphasized the government’s efforts to equip young people with the necessary skills for meaningful employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

In closing, The Hon. Minister reiterated his optimism for the BEAR Project’s success and called for continued collaboration and dedication from all involved parties. He emphasized the importance of translating commitments into tangible outcomes and reaffirmed the government’s unwavering support towards advancing Education for Africa’s prosperity.

In his opening remarks UNESCO Head of Office Mr. Abdourahamane Diallo, welcomed esteemed Quests to the United Nations (UN) House in Abuja for the launch of the Better Education for Africa Rise Project. This initiative, emblematic of the longstanding collaboration between UNESCO and the Republic of Korea, aims to enhance technical and vocational training systems in selected African Countries. As the project enters its third phase, attention turns to the ECOWAS region, with Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Somalia as new beneficiary Countries.

Mr Abdourahamane stated that against the backdrop of the African Union’s declaration of 2024 as the year of Education, Mr Diallo emphasized the project’s significance in addressing labour scarcity and skill inefficiency, promoting inclusive growth, and empowering Africa’s Youth. He expressed gratitude to the Government of Korea for its steadfast support and Nigeria’s Minister of Education for hosting the event, underscoring UNESCO’s commitment to advancing education and skills development in Africa.

Folasade Boriowo
Director (Press & PR)
Ministry of Education