Communications New PermSec Charges Directors to Focus on Nigerians

New PS Comminucation
ABUJA – (Federal Ministry of Communications Report) – The New Permanent Secretary in the  Federal Ministry of Communications, Istifanus Musa Mik Fuktur has admonished Directors and Heads of Units in the Ministry to work and focus on policies that would make  impact on the life of Nigerians, rather than push for their personal comfort.
He gave the admonition on Tuesday March 19th 2019 during the handing – over ceremony executed by the Director of Human Resources Management, El – Baff Abubakar at the Ministry’s Conference Room in Abuja.
Istifanus Futur expressed displeasure over the briefing from various Departments, saying they were dominated by staff comforts, rather
than the comfort of Nigerians at large. He urged the Directors and their Unit Heads to focus more on the things that would translate to
better life for Nigerians, so that the positive effects of governance would be felt by Nigerians.
He disclosed that a timetable would soon be made available to all Departments and Units to present their departmental brief which would serve as a mirror to enable him coordinate the Ministry’s activities for effectiveness and efficiency. Adding, they have to be accurate while submitting their briefs, and be careful as well, not to leave out any important detail from the briefs to prevent mistakes that can result to retrogression.
“Usually, the brief states what is in the budget. What challenges are there to face, but most of the responses received have been directed to not having  office accommodation and no air conditioners, among others. We should move away from those things and focus on the people. This is the Ministry of Communications and we should focus on what we can do to make life easy for Nigerians,” he advised.
“Too much of such things as ‘there is no office accommodation and I don’t have an official car to move around are capable of dragging us backward. We must focus on the people.”
Istifanus further explained that the Government is spending, in order to ensure that people are comfortable.  He noted that workers who stay in Abuja, receive their salaries here, while enjoying power supply, good roads, among others need to give the Nigerian people something back, so that they can appreciate their efforts.
He insisted that he did not mean that they should not table their challenges, but rather that it should not overshadow the general needs of Nigerians.
Speaking earlier, the Director of Human Resources Management in the Ministry, El-Baff Abubakar welcomed the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry and remarked that the handing – over ceremony is a common practice in the civil service which aims to ensure continuity in government operations.