Ogunbiyi Inaugurates Housing Ministry’s Core Management Team for PMS Implementation

Ogunbiyi Inaugurates Housing Ministry's Core Management Team for PMS Implementation

Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Marcus Ogunbiyi PhD has inaugurated the core management team for the implementation of Performance Management System (PMS) in the ministry.

Members of the Core Management Team were drawn from the departments of the Planning Research and Statistics (PSR) and the Human Resource Management (HRM) of the Ministry.

In his remarks, the Permanent Secretary explained “the PRS department would focus on the Ministerial aspect of the PMS, while the HRM department on the other hand would focus on the employee aspect”.

He also explained that the aim of setting up the core team was to monitor the compliance level of the PMS at the Ministry and ensure its smooth implementation service-wide, pointing out that any of their actions would directly affect the running of the PMS in the Housing Ministry.

Accordingly, Ogunbiyi charged the core team to be dedicated and committed to the work ahead of them, while calling on the various departments of the Ministry to support the implementation in order to achieve success.

Accordingly, Dr Ogunbiyi explained plans to narrow out the Ministry’s sector plan for the next couple of years, from the National Plan which would be gotten from the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning, adding that the plan would aid the PRS department to cascade and develop the Ministry’s deliverable and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

He further explained that the PRS department would in turn send the deliverables and KPI’s to the HRM department who would in turn send to the departments to extract the employees PMS.

Some of the responsibilities of the core teams according to Ogunbiyi include; to facilitate and implement the PMS in the Ministry, oversee the implementation of the Ministry’s plans and objectives, review the Ministry’s quarterly sector performance throughout the entire process of institutionalizing PMS in the Ministry, communicate to departments their departmental targets.

Other functions include training of supervisors, review of agreed performance contract, management of employee performance contract, among others.

Badamasi Salisu Haiba
Director Information ànd Public Relations