Retirement, beginning of a New Path – Director of Forestry

Retirement, beginning of a New Path - Director of Forestry

The Director of Forestry, Mrs. Hajara Umar Sani has urged retirees of the Department to see retirement as beginning of a new path in life.

She stated this at a retirement party for retirees of the Department, where she disclosed some progress recorded so far in the department.

“Some of the progress made since 2022 are:
Launching of Forest Policy, National strategy on combating illegal trade in wildlife, Nigeria Timber Legality Standards and Guideline for processed wood and charcoal Export; Reconstitution of Inter-Ministerial Joint Taskforce, constitution of Wildlife Joint Taskforce, Wildlife Risk Assessment and Guidelines for Law enforcement agents, Developed National Ivory and Elephant Action Plans, Finalized MOU with Cameroun on transboundary ecosystem management and with Vietnam on fight against Wild life crime about being signed, produced communication tools (documentary, jingles, -aired, billboards-erected and Handbook- published).

“Review of the ban on wood and charcoal export and approval of conditional lifting suggested by states, approval of 15% revenue allocation to FDF. Sustainable Forest management Measures emplaced by Ministry to ensure adherence to guidelines by exporters are having operational JTF, application of guidelines and NTLS, awareness creation, emphasis on processed wood for job creation, working on timber legality certification.

“There has been improvement of annual appropriation to Forestry department from N400m to N1B and even more for 2024. Promoting bamboo development, and various trainings undertaken, Designation of Ramsar sites, advancing Forestry Bill. Emphasis on refocus on FDF mandate for effective results, Leaving no one behind. etc.

Strong collaboration with CITES, UNODC, German Government, USAID, Wabiled, Bornfree USA, UNESCO, FAO, private sector. Agencies FRIN, ACReSAL, Upgrading GIS lab, provision of working tools and solar. Tomorrow I will take delivery of the vehicle. Progress is because of the foundation laid by those of you here.

“We are hoping that in the months to come we will be able to have 1 NFDC. We hope to strengthen collaboration and engagement with states, and improve interface with field officers and other key stakeholders as we cannot succeed in addressing issues of land degradation and deforestation without strong partnership.

She further explained to the retirees that, you are retired doesn’t make you less part of the family that we are. You deserve more than this and I wish we could do more. We look forward to calling on you when we need to. So, on behalf of all of us, I say thank you. Merci beaucoup for joining us today to celebrate these remarkable colleagues and their incredible careers.

She said the delay in hosting them including those who retired since 2018 was not intentional, but only waiting for the right time.

According to her “This is just a show of appreciation for all that you gave to this department. I mean having to think that one spent his entire productive life working for the government and is retiring in old age deserves to be appreciated in every way.

“Retirement is only a break from your daily regimen so that you can now think of yourself, have a refocus and do things differently. Retirement is a significant milestone in one’s life, and it marks the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and commitment. It’s a time when we reflect on the accomplishments, memories, and the lasting impact our retirees have had on our lives and the organization.

“Throughout your career, you have been a shining example of professionalism, integrity, and excellence. They have not only contributed to the success of this organization but have also inspired and mentored countless colleagues along the way. Their dedication and passion for their work have left an indelible mark, and their legacy will continue to influence us for years to come.

“It is not the end of the road but a beginning of a new path. For us in the dept we are also having a refocus of what we are doing.

Responding on behalf of the retirees, Timothy John thanked the department and the Director for organising the send-forth in their honour. He tasked the staff to continue to work as a team to enable the department move forward.

Ibrahim Haruna
Head, Press and Public Relations Unit