The Political Fortunes of the different Parties in Abia State


FIC Report (Abia State) – We are in political times waiting for the elections and the 2023 Change of Batons. There’s every need to X-ray the political terrain to include all the political Aspirants in the different Political Parties and conclude with the fortunes of each along the victory lane.

In Abia State we have PDP which is the ruling party, APGA is also the main opposition party, and APC.

Recently, the leadership of the ruling party (PDP) ably led by Rt. Hon. Asiforo Okere (PhD) zoned the Governorship seat to Abia North and Central, contrary to already existing Charter of Equity which entail that it will be the turn of Abia North to produce the next Governor of Abia State.

This recent development has brought a lot of diverse opinions and grumblings from all corners of the State. People are allegedly saying that the seating Governor , Dr. Victor Okezie Ikpeazu has adopted Prof. Ikonne as the PDP Consensus Candidate come 2023 General election.

This made a lot of PDP faithful who wished to run under the ruling party (PDP) to leave to be able to get Governorship ticket in another Party example, the likes of Prof. Greg Ibe left PDP to APGA even after purchasing PDP Nomination and Expression forms.

Hence, Prof. Greg Ibe might emerge as the APGA consensus candidate.

Looking at the names of PDP candidates, which include;
1. Prof. Eleazar Uche Ikonne
2. Rt Hon Ude Okochukwu
3. Engr Enyinnaya Nwafor
4. Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe
5. Ncheta Omerekpe
6. Desmond Anyaso

These are the major Candidates who are contesting for Governorship position in Abia State, under the Umbrella of PDP.

APGA Party has the following;
1. Prof. Greg Ibe
2. Sir Chikwe Udensi
3. Etigwe Uwa (SAN)
While in APC, we have the likes of;
1. Dr. Sampson Uchechukwu Ogah
2. Dr. Alex Otti
3. Mr. Obinna Oriaku
4. High chief Ikechi Emenike

Hence, PDP is likely to give ticket to Prof. Ikonne, APGA is likely to give ticket to Prof. Greg Ibe, while APC is like to give High Chief Emenike.

These three Abia State political titans are well known in Abia State, with their personal political antecedents, also looking at the zoning saga, one might not predict the outcome of 2023 election, and who might emerge winner. Abia State as PDP and by the power of incumbency, PDP candidate might emerge as the Abia State Governor come 2023.

In Conclusion therefore; considering the “fortunes victory lane,” Prof. Eleazar Uche Ikonne might become the consensus Governorship candidate of PDP, and Prof. Greg Ibe will be consensus Governorship candidate for APGA, while High Chief Emenike will emerge as consensus Governorship candidate of APC. And at the end, Prof. Eleazar Uche Ikonne of PDP will emerge as the Governor of Abia State.

Mr. Uzosike Uchechi N
Federal Ministry of Information
Political Correspondent